Monday, August 31, 2009

A Surprise Visit to the Office

What is this, Elders in the office with p-day clothes on?  Well when your preparation day is Monday, that is what you might have on.  Presidente Clegg had asked the sister missionaries who are native Spaniards to come and look over his talks for the new stake to be formed this weekend.  This will be the first stake in this mission.  There is so much excitement in all the ramas, it is amazing.  Anyway, the district planned an outing to see the bridge here in Las Arenas after helping the presidente out.  Elders Stevens in the red shirt and Elder Alvarez are the Zone Leaders of the Bilbao zone.    But Elder Moore on the right and Elder Anderson still look a little puzzled.  The office p-day is on Saturday, so hence the regulation clothing.  
Oh, there are two of the greatest Hermanas in the church.  Hnas Garcia and Calderon are both from Madrid.  They are in the office kitchen making a few corrections on the talks of the Presidente's.  They are great workers and I am excited because on Wednesday of this week I am spending my entire afternoon and evening working with them.  They told me that we are doing contacting, teaching and a missionary meeting with the branch mission leader.  I am very excited and a little nervous.  My Spanish is coming, but I will be praying for the gift of tongues for sure. 
Here Hna Calderon in working on my mac where my talk is.  I have to also speak and she and Hna Garcia are helping me with my errors.  Elder Alvarez is looking on.  Elder Alvarez is from New Jersey but grew up in a home that spoke Spanish all the time so he is fluent too.  He is an elder with a lot of life and we know that his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone.  
Elders Barber and Anderson have to come in to see what is going on in mine and the auydantes office.  The best part about being with the missionaries is to see how much they enjoy each other and love to be able to catch up.  They may have worked with each other in other areas and it is always nice to re-acquaint.
Translating is done it is time to see new family photos.  
I think Elder Alvarez took a movie of everyone in the office and it must be a little humorous.  I will have to ask Elder Barber what was on it.
Time to leave, but what a fun visit.  We don't usually see our missionaries on their preparation day and this was a fun treat for us.  The Bilbao zone is tremendous and they work hard.  They will all be a part of the formation of the new stake this weekend.  I will probably not post until after this marvelous event.  I will try to capture it the best I can and watch for next Monday for my post.  It is a day very anticipated by so many wonderful people.  It will be a great day in Spain this September 6Th, and we are humbled and excited to be here to witness it.  

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