Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wrapping up in the Vigo Zone

"Where ere thou art, act well thy part" were the words Pres. David O. McKay saw on a building in Scotland while on his mission.  Well Elder Cairns isn't finding the same words on the front of the capilla in Santiago, but he is from Dumbarton, Scotland.  All the Elders love Elder Cairns and they love to hear him put on his Scottish brogue.  The reality is he probably speaks Spanish as well as any of them too.  He is a convert to the church and when Elder Ashby was talking about planning a baptism it was a treat to hear about Elder Cairns baptism.   
O.K., so I have a lot of food pictures.  I really can't be taking pictures during the conference but at the meal time everyone can be in the pictures.  All are content and the taco salad is still a hit.  Even the auydantes didn't mind eating it for the 4Th time.
The capilla in Santiago isn't too big but it makes for a perfect zone conference setting.  It was a beautiful sunny day both inside and out.
Here we have another group of missionaries enjoying lunch.  On your right, the 3rd Elder is Elder Evans and the 2ND sister down is Hna. Nielson.  These two are leaving at the end of this transfer.  It is hard to let them go, they are both wonderful missionaries.  The spirit was felt so strongly when they bore their testimonies.  Special time for all who were in attendance.
Coming around to the front of the room, all have smiles on their face.  We enjoyed two wonderful musical numbers in this Zone Conference.  The Orense Elders sang and did a wonderful job, then Hna Abellan and Elder Dredge sang a beautiful duet.  Music really brings the spirit into the meeting. 
I hope you enjoy this picture of these angelic missionaries with their beautiful smiles and glowing spirits.  Then scroll down to the next picture as I said, "Let's take a relaxed one."
These pictures help us both remember they are still young adults, who have great senses of humor. They have been asked to serve in a very responsible and special calling.  The best part of it is they truly magnify their calling.  We are so proud of them and are humbled to be able to serve them.

At the end of the conference the mail goes out.  As you can see everyone is gathered around Elder Ashby, one of the Zone Leaders in the Vigo Zone.  Everyone is hoping for mail, even though they get e-mails.  They love to hear from home and feel that their family is always thinking of them.  This was another wonderful conference.  Elder Ashby and Sayaz did a great job.  They are very creative teachers and have a lot of enthusiasm for the work. 
We had a long ride back home.  We had to go from Santiago to Bilbao and it took us about 6 1/2 hours to get home.  I thought this picture of the scenery somewhere close to Ponferrada was so beautiful.  Even through the window of the car. 
And finally, I snapped this picture at a rest stop while we were getting gas.  Elders Moore and Bingham were enjoying the sunset.  This was the last round of Zone Conferences that Elder Bingham will do.  We kept him an extra transfer and so he has been in the office for over 7 months.  He is a fantastic teacher, so creative and bright.  I know that ALL the missionaries truly respect him and love him.  He has only 3 1/2 months left in the mission.  He has done so much to forward the work here in Spain.  He will be missed, but just as the sun sets, it always rises tomorrow.  We will have another wonderful assistant in a few weeks, but we will be forever thankful that we had Elder Bingham to lead us as we came to this mission. 

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  1. This is Elder Bingham's sister, and I just have to say how much I love that picture of Elders Moore and Bingham in the sunset! Wow!Such kind words too- great posts :)