Tuesday, August 11, 2009

El Consejo de Lideres de Zona!

Now you might be wondering why I have Hna Belnap making cinnamon rolls for the beginning of Zone Leader Counsel?  Well this week is the week that we do a lot of cooking to feed the Elders and Hermanas and it starts with Zone Leader Counsel followed by our Zone Conferences.  We don't feed them any other time, but this is a big undertaking and I am soooo glad that Hna Belnap, along with her husband, was called to our mission.  They are not only here for the office work, Hna Belnap has been the cook for girls camp for years.  The Lord new my weakness and sent me my angel.  Here she is making cinnamon rolls for the next two months.  Her batch is large enough for two Zone Leader Counsels as we will freeze half of the batch.  The Elders arrive at the mission home around 9:15 and missionaries are always ready to eat.
No, we aren't using our knives on the elders, we are preparing a mixture of meat, beans and good seasonings to do Taco Salads for the 4 zone conferences.  We will both be slow cooking the meat and then freezing it for me to take to all the zone conferences.  She has great recipes and is real good at judging how much to make per person.  Something that I lack and know that I will learn a lot from her.  We are working all Monday afternoon and just love working together.  It is always more fun to cook with a friend!
Here are all the Elders at the Zone Leader Counsel.  I don't want you to think I was irreverent and took this during the actual conference.  I asked them at the end of the morning session to stay put so I could take a few pictures of the set up.  They were smiling a bit more than usual while I took the pictures.   This is a once a transfer cycle meeting with all the Zone Leaders and the office staff to meet and counsel about the goals of each zone and how they can better serve their zone in accomplishing these goals. 
I am just panning around the room so you can get all the angles.  This was an incredible spiritual feast to be with the current leaders of the mission.  These young men are endowed with great power as they have been set apart to be  missionaries.  As each set of Zone Leaders reported on their goals for their zone and sought counsel from each other it was extraordinary to watch.  The Presidente and I basically sat and listened, adding a comment now and then.  The Presidente told them that in all the counsels in the church he hasn't been in a more fine one than today's.  It was impressive.
After each Zone took their time, the Auydantes did a presentation on preparing for baptism.  They are two very fine teachers as well and lead a wonderful discussion full of ideas and ways that a baptism helps the new member, the current members and investigators.  We were all edified. 
After all good meetings comes a good lunch.  We added a second table and enjoyed a lunch that served it's purpose, to fill the Elders.   We had a menu of homemade french vegetable soup, salad, chicken with potatoes and leeks and ice cream for desert.  And of course good pan. (bread)  The only thing that I am not happy with is that Elder Quinn got covered up in this picture, but don't worry mom, he is in a few more pictures.
We have twins in the mission!  Elder Ashby and Elder Moore have the same tie.  They actually bought it together when it was buy one get the other free or half price.  It was a deal!  It is a good looking tie!  And two good-looking Elders as well. 
Elders Bingham and Griffith decided to smile for the camera.  These two elders came into the mission together and they really don't come any finer.  We love these guys!
Here is Elder Quinn and Elder Sayaz.  Elder Quinn is from Chandler, Arizona and Elder Sayaz is from Barcelona, Spain.  Elder Quinn plays the violin and we are both looking for my shipment to come which has my violin in it.  I can't wait to have him play for us.  Elder Sayaz is one of the only Spanish natives that I can understand with ease.  He speaks perfectly!  He is also a great teacher in this mission.  These are great missionaries with wonderful testimonies.
Here is the group!  From l. to r. with the front row first.  Elders Corbridge, Alvarez, Moore, and Bingham.  Presidente Clegg,  Elders Quinn, Sayaz, Ashby, Griffith, Strickland, Olds, Anderson, Barber, Stevens and me.   Wow, what priesthood power.  It is an honor to be with this group. 
After the Counsel, we helped to bring all the Elders back to Las Arenas.  Two Elders left this evening at 6:30 to go back to their areas while the rest stayed to do exchanges with the auydantes and secretaries.  These Elders have to travel so far that they can't get back to their cities before it is too late.  Here we have Presidente shaking hands with Elder Corbridge.  This is such a fine Elder from Malad, Idaho and EVERYONE in the mission loves and looks up to Elder Corbridge and it's not because he is tall.  He has such a powerful testimony that inspires all of us.  I didn't take the time to write about every Zone Leader but let me repeat myself, they are incredible and we are so blessed to have them here.  They truly are our "Chief Captains" that are leading the battle between good and evil.


  1. I can feel the spirit and strength of the priesthood and these incredible young men. The zone conference obviously was a great success. Thanks for loving and feeding these great guys! It must be so fulfilling to work with them and share in their energy and testimony.
    Love you all!
    Laurie Moore

  2. my mother, Sis. Belnap may or may not have told you, but she started a very successful catering business and she use to sell cinnamon rolls for for a boutique and would sell a few thousand dollars worth of cinnamon rolls over a weekend, so she does have a lot of experience cooking for LARGE groups.