Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ferrol is Fantastic

The rama in Ferrol is fantastic lead by Presidente Hector Sanchez.  He is flanked by two fantastic "sons of Helaman", Elders Rowley from Santaquin, Utah and Elder Jackson from Gilbert, Arizona.  We were there to do temple recommend interviews and then go on two teaching visits with the Elders.  This rama is bursting at the seams, a good problem to have in Spain.  
We first went to the home of Igor, from Brazil.  This man has a strong testimony of the gospel, and has almost finished the Book of Mormon. He needs to find employment.  He asked the Elders to fast with him and hopefully this next week he has a job.  He has a strong lead and we are all praying for him.  The spirit was very strong during his lesson and we immediately felt a connection to him.  He hopes to be baptized soon.   
This is another family, who are in the rama.   Fernando, the father hasn't been baptized yet, but he has made so many changes in his life, he is almost ready. The rest of the family had been inactive, but they are very committed and Maria, the mom is a gem.   They are a very loving family and this night was very special for us to be there.  Presidente Clegg shared some special thoughts with the family and Elders Jackson and Rowley did a fabulous job of teaching.   Notice the cute little dog.  I held the little dog all through the lesson.  
Here we have Presidente Clegg saying good-bye to Elders Rowley and Jackson.  He was leaving them with a little bit of advice.  These two Elders are working so hard.  Elder Rowley has been Elder Jackson's trainer.  Elder Rowley is truly one of our best Elder who just loves the work and Elder Jackson has been amazing with his language ability and willingness to learn.  We actually met Elder Jackson in the MTC in Provo.  We consider him and the other 3 our first Elders.  They arrived in the mission 1 week before us.  They are a great group.  Always hard to say good-bye, but leaving Ferrol in such good hands feels so great. 

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  1. It is wonderful to "meet" some of the members in Spain. What committed saints they are. I respect them so much. It must take a lot of courage and faith to leave behind their former traditions and follow their new found testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Pls. tell Elder Moore his new Eccos are on their way and to check his email next week for the return instructions of the old pair.

    Sis. Clegg, You are such a breath of fresh air for the mission. Your outgoing personality is a blessing to the people of Spain as you and the President go out and represent the church. Not to mention, people love posing for your pictures! Haha.

    We have two new members in our Ward in Calif. that are from San Sebastian,Spain and I've given them your blog spot. I thought it would be good for them to see the saints in Spain. They are getting tremendous alienation from family and friends for joining the church.

    Thanks for all you're doing.
    Have a great week!