Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lovely Logrono

As we were in Logrono last Sunday, I just couldn't pass up showing you a little bit of this beautiful city.  A very interesting rotunda with the statues of priests and warriors.  Sorry not to know the details but this is truly an interesting one.
This it the same street from a different angle.  Don't you love the street lights that are V-shaped.  It is a very clean city with a great Rama in it.
Here is Elder Southwick from Kaysville, Utah on the left.  He has only been in the mission 4 months, two of which were in the M.T.C. in Provo and the C.C.M. in Madrid.  We actually met Elder Southwick and 3 others when we were all in the M.T.C.  He has the distinction of knowing the new mission president before anyone else in the mission.  He is so fun and enthusiastic and doing great.  He has such a wonderful companion in Elder Bartholomew from Lehi, Utah by way of Preston, Idaho.  You've seen him before on the blog.  They are doing so well here and on the next picture you will see their last baptism and she is adorable.
Her name is Valentina and she is so special.  She wanted to shake our hands and tell us her goals in life.  She wants to grow up and be a missionary and one day shake the prophet's hand.  I can just see that happening in 11 years.  She is so full of light and excitement.  When she told me of her goals I encouraged her to write the Prophet.  She looked at me a little confused and then I told her I would get the letter to him.  So she is going to send us the letter to the mission office and we will add this picture and send it to the Prophet.  I know that President Monson will love it. 
Yes, these are 3 sisters cooking.  Our wonderful Sisters Bell from Kent, Washington and Sister Truscott from Walla Walla, Washington invited the Presidente and I to come for lunch.  The best part of it was we had the time!  They taught me how to make a true spanish tortilla.  
Here is the result as we are about ready to bite in.  Wow, such great Hermanas and what a yummy lunch.  The Hermanas in our mission are fantastic.  They work so hard and they have such a wonderful effect on members and investigators.  They can do some things that the Elders just can't and they add so much to the spirit of the work.  They had a baptism last month and as soon as all the missionaries get me their baptismal pictures, I am going to do a baptismal page for each month.  
After some wonderful thoughts and a prayer by the Presidente, we waved good-bye.  They are ready to go off to work and we too, drive 1 1/2 hours to the mission home.  We love being with our missionaries.  They are truly the nearest people on earth to heaven.  They have such purity that radiates in their eyes and I know it is because they have put off the world and chosen to serve the Lord.  These are the "Best Two (1 1/2) years!"

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