Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunny San Sebastian

Did you think we just flew to Equador?  Look at this beautiful 3 generation photo.  This is a lovely family that we met in San Sebastian.  I don't have their names, but next time I will get it from them.  The mother/grandmother on the left first came on her own 5 years ago to work.  Since then, she was telling me, her brother and sister have come.  (I hope I understood it correctly)  This is her daughter and beautiful granddaughter.  They came to church in their native clothing from Equador.  Such beautiful people.  This rama is very diverse.  I met so many wonderful people and enjoyed so much our visit this Sunday.  I have a few pictures of other new friends, but didn't get one of my new English friend, Diane Waddington this time.  We will meet again and I will put her on the blog.  She was wonderful and very friendly towards me. 
Please meet Evelyn Brand, she is the wife of the Branch President, Presidente Jose Diego Cabeza.   See, they don't share the same last name.  In Spain, the wife doesn't take her husband's name.  At times it gets very confusing, so most of the time people just tell you their first name.  She is wonderful and we enjoyed visiting after the meetings outside.  She is a counselor in the District Relief Society Presidency.  A wonderful woman and so caring.  It is so great to meet the members.  I hope over the 3 years we have many wonderful experiences with them.
Can't come to San Sebastian without a missionary picture.  Here are Elders Crocker  from Salt Lake, Elder Blazian from Redding, California, and Elder  Nielsen from Wallsburg, Utah enjoying some reeces pieces.  You can't get them here and these missionaries were savoring them.  Thanks to my daughters for sending me a few bags.  I think these beat homemade cookies.   I also think they finished them before Elder Ciccio came out from his interview with the Presidente.  Lo siento!
This adorable sister is named Ingrid and she and her husband Havier were baptized this past year.  They have a darling almost 2 year old Viviana they call vivi.  It is so cute in Spanish because they say their v's like b's.  So it is bibi.  They are working on going to the temple after it has been a year.  She was so friendly and has such a love of life.  What a great family to come into the church.  We had a great day visiting this beautiful city.  The real beauty truly comes from the wonderful people who have chosen to follow the Savior and be members in his true church. 


  1. Sister Clegg, Sorry you didn't get a picture of Diane Waddington. She is an inspiration to those of us who know her. It's kind of sad that the Spaniards in San Sebastian feel a bit hurt that the Branch President and his family hold such positions as counselor and Gospel Doctrine teacher.. but with the Chapel so small.. and it used to be HOT.. native Spaniards shy away from the chapel.

    It's neat to hear of your travels and see pictures of friends and Chapels in the mission.. and many are glad to hear that you visited the Gospel Doctrine class rather than Gospel Essentials like past Mission Presidents.

  2. Sister Clegg I am so sorry that I had to rush off yesterday without getting a chance to say "goodbye" or having my photo taken with you. I really enjoyed meeting you and President Clegg and I feel privileged that you consider me to be your friend.
    You are such wonderful people that I'm sure the Mission is going to grow and grow under your tender and loving care. I pray that we will meet again soon at our first Stake Conference in just short of two weeks.

    To President and Sister Clegg's children and family, you are so privileged to have such loving and caring parents. Thank you for letting us have them for the next three years.