Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When the Work Is Done

All missions have a starting point and an ending, and this day is the last for Hermana Briggs from Boise, Idaho.  What a beautiful, solid, hard working daughter of God.  We have been so impressed by her and know that her future is bright.  How could you resist her smile when being approached about the gospel.  The first trip around the mission meeting the elders and hermanas she welcomed us with open arms.  What an example.
After her exit interview and all the paper work given out, it was off to the mission home for a dinner and a sharing of testimonies.  What a sweet night listening to her experiences and what she has learned from being a full-time servant of her Heavenly Father.  The light of the gospel is so radiant in her countenance.  
Bright and early the next morning it is off to the airport to check in for her long day.  We figured at the time of this picture it was exactly 24 hours before she would be landing in Boise.  Starting in Bilbao, going to Madrid, New York, Salt Lake and then Boise, whew!!
A wave good-bye filled with tears of sadness and joy at the same time.  Sad to see the end of her service, so full of joy for a reunion with her family at home.  Vaya con Dios!


  1. Sister Clegg,
    I can't thank you enough and I know I speak for every mom of a missionary in your mission! What fun to see Rachel's smiling face and her happy countenance. That is how the her world at home thinks of her. She is almost ready to land in New York and the tears are flowing in my eyes. I know the effort you are putting in on top of your other mission duties to take photos, to take candid shots, and then to write and post! But oh the blessings to others. I hope you have a wonderful 3 years in Bilbao! Thank you, thank you to you and President Clegg for taking care of our daughter her last couple of months and for serving the Lord. Karla Briggs, Rachel's mom

  2. She sounds like a great missionary. I am sure it is hard to let go of them. I was crying just reading your post and I don't even know her. You have had both ends of the spectrum this week with missionaries coming and going. I love the picture of you looking over Bilbao! When I come I want to go there.

  3. Dear Hna. Clegg,
    Your blog is pure inspiration! Having served in Spain (different mission), and seeing all the behind the scenes work at the office, traveling the mission and at the airport - that Hna.'s don't do, but imagine:) :) :) - you have a gift of capturing the "SWEET is the WORK" of missionary life by camera! It is obvious that your understanding of relationships IS EVERYTHING! LOVE! The SPIRIT! The greatest mission tools around - are alive and well in Espana, Bilbao! Mission moments are so etched in my soul, and having a chance to peek in on "Life in the Mission" is inspiring! Tears flow freely when I check on your blog! I have even shared your experiences in FHE with my 4 future missionaries & they love it! There is nothing in the entire world like being a missionary for the TRUE and LIVING church! You are doing a wonderful job of treasuring every moment! I love the "Called to Serve" shots of the missionaries arriving for Zone Conference. I love your "Peeking in on street contacts" shots. I love your "Saying Farewell" shots at the airport! What a hard and good time! You don't want to leave . . . BUT you do want to see your family! Thanks for your service! This blog already has and will continue to bless the lives of many! What a way to magnify your talents and share with others the JOY in the JOURNEY!