Monday, August 31, 2009

Baptism in San Sebastian

This is the family of Naomi, she is the older daughter on your right, with glasses.  The other adults are her Grandmother and Grandfather and her parents.  They are all in the church.  It was such a sweet baptism.  As a family they had been inactive.  The missionaries taught them and re-activated them.  Her father performed the baptism.  They all bore their testimonies after with much emotion and tenderness.  Elders Ciccio and Blazian are on the left as well as the Presidente and I.  We had time to drive up to San Sebastian and we were glad we did.
I made a comment on the nice ties the Elders and Presidente had on so of course, we had to take a picture.  You be the judge, but I think the Presidente has the best one, with Elder Crocker, second in on the right,  coming in second and then it is a tie for 3rd place.  All in good fun.  After the baptism off the Elders went to more teaching appointments.  That has been a wonderful joy to see that all of our missionaries are working all the time to find, teach and bring others unto Christ.  It is a great work.

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