Monday, August 17, 2009

Vitoria Zone Conference August, 2009

Arriving at the first zone conference of 4 is an exciting experience.  The auydantes and ourselves are a little anxious, hoping what we have prepared will go well.  But we are also just so excited to see the Elders and Hermanas arrive.  Here the Presidente is waving and honking the horn at Elder Driggs and Gordon and Hermana Sanchez and Johnson.  The Presidente taught about baptism and not having fears about extending the invitation.  I taught about Spiritual Gifts.  The Zone leaders taught the zone their personal goals for the zone and how to prepare for a baptismal service.  The auydantes taught about extending invitations to be baptized when the spirit tells you to, in whatever lesson.  It was great.
The Zone Leaders, Elder Olds and Griffith have done a great job with little time to prepare.  We are having our lunch and all are enjoying the taco salads, banana nut bread and homemade peanut butter cookies.  Missionaries love peanut butter because it is very expensive here and therefore they don't usually have it.  Here we have Hermanas Sanchez and Johnson with Elders McClanahan, Griffiths and the back of Elder Moore. 
Mmn, says Elders Southwick, Renshaw, Driggs and Gordon, with Elders Bartholemew and Bingham at the back of the table.  Missionaries love to eat.
O.K., one more eating picture.  The Hermanas are loving it as well as all the Elders.  
A special number was sung by our Pamplona Elders, from l. to r. Elders Griotti, Oscanoa, Chavez and McClanahan.  They did a great job.
Elder Griotti thinks he is the new Presidente of the mission.  I don't know about that, but wow, what a tie!
Hermana McConkie, you shouldn't tease Elder Bingham that way.  Hermana McConkie is from Woodland, Calif. and is leaving us at the end of this transfer.  She bore a wonderful, sweet testimony as a departing missionary.  She is going to be missed. 
At the end of the conference, the missionaries love to visit.  They get to renew memories with former companions and share the news of the different areas. Here we have Hermana's Johnson, Patten and Miskin.
Finally the picture of the entire Zone.  Elders Griffith and Olds did a fantastic job.  They were just made a companionship one week earlier and worked hard to present their part.  Two great Elders that have wonderful leadership skills.  It was a great conference and all left feeling great about the work with renewed vigor.  

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