Sunday, August 30, 2009

P-day morning in Ribadeo

No, I haven't shrunk, but boy these two people are tall.  After interviewing missionaries all day we drove about 2 hours before we stopped for the night.  We stayed in a little town called Ribadeo.  It is right on the border of Asturias and Galicia.  We got up early in the morning to go for a walk and even though it was overcast and drizzling, it was still beautiful.  
This building was once the home of the major of Ribadeo.  It has been renovated and just across the street is a beautiful park.  Ghee, who is that little guy in front of the house?
Wow, the Presidente in shorts?  We don't get too much time to get out and exercise but we do like to take walks when we have the time.  Rick had to stop in and say hi, you know he is the friendly type.
I love how they color the stucco and use all sorts of colors.  Usually the yellow, red and green are the most common.  We were on a walk down this road to find the inlet of water from the ocean.  We are right on the north atlantic.
We found it.  Can you see the tower down the way.  That is actually across the bay.  Notice the little bit of water you can see.  We had to hurry back to the hotel and get dressed and on our way to Aviles for more interviews.  But this morning gave us a little bit of time to enjoy a little different scenery in a beautiful little spanish pueblo in Northern Spain.


  1. I like seeing you in shorts Dad!:) Good to know you still can relax a bit.

  2. Hello Presidente and Hermana Clegg. I just ran across your blog recently and am enjoying being able to catch up with the mission. I served there from 1997-1998 and was serving in Vitoria when the chapel was dedicated by now President Uchtdorf. I find it fantastic to hear that you have so many baptismal dates! When our new president came in (President Pelton), I want to say that we didn't have a single baptism for the first five or six months. And during a year, the average number of baptisms was around 15-20. Keep up the great work! It is so exciting! Can you give an update on the stake that will be created? Are there any wards now? Which units will make up the stake? Thank you! Brett Thompson

  3. All I can say is that I am really jealous and I'm very impressed that you are taking a P-day!