Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lots of Learning In Leon

Why not start with the group shot of this great Zone.  Elders Corbridge and Quinn are the Zone Leaders and they lead with lots of "animo" and are very close to the spirit.  We had a great atmosphere of learning this day and truly felt uplifted.  I will tell everyone my half hour on Spiritual Gifts was done totally in Spanish (Well I had a few times where I would ask for a word, but I was happy that I am progressing.  Hopefully my vocabulary and conjugation will continue to grow, but I can see I am learning and definitely understanding so much better)
If you remember from the last time this Zone was the one with the funny picture.  They wanted to do it again.  You certainly see another side of these young warriors.  They are really fun to be around.  Keeps us young!.
Oh, Mi Hermano en dolor.  Elder Roldan from Dos Hermanas, Espana is such a great Elder with a lot of personality and he speaks very good English.  He is also the Branch President of the Leon Branch.  He called me his "brother in pain" when we discovered we both broke our shoulders two February's ago.  Mine was done while skiing and his was done snowboarding.  I cracked my left humorous in 4 places and he tore his rotator cuff.  (I think)  Anyway, we have bonded in our suffering.  Not too much suffering going on today! 
Oh, I caught you Elder Fowers taking seconds!  It's o.k, we had seconds to take.  Elder Fowers is from Kennewick, Washington and Elder Probst, on the right is from Heber City, Utah.  Two super Elders who like to eat. Mmm, taco salad.
The eating shots are the place to get all the Elders and Sisters in the Zone.  They do look happy don't they.  It is fun to feed them, they are soooo appreciative.  
Our two Hermanas in this Zone.  Hermana Rudder is on the left from Nampa, Idaho and Hermana Goodman on the right from Flagstaff, Arizona  is going home this transfer.  What a wonderful testimony she has. We also do a 1/2 hour sister session and Hermana Goodman shared some beautiful thoughts about her mother.  I am sure the Goodman family is getting excited. 
Yes, we need to feed the Presidente two.  Everyone liked it, even the guacamole.
At the end of the conference, Elder Woods was playing for everyone while Elder Roldan was serenading us.  Music truly draws everyone together. 
Then I asked Elder Aston from Rupert, Idaho, one of our newest Elders to play for us.  He is an incredible pianist.  It had been a few months, but he favored us with some beautiful classic music.  He is very humble about his talents, but we are going to have him share them with us a lot.
We left the conference, again on a high.  As we were driving to Vigo that night there was a beautiful cloud formation which showed the rays of the sun.  I know the picture isn't the best, but the symbolism of the light breaking forth is a kin to the light that is shining on this beautiful country and helping our missionaries find the elect.  It is a great time to be in Spain!


  1. Elder Moore said the food was incredible!! Thanks to you and Sis. Belnap for all that cooking. Looks like Elder Moore got to enjoy that meal several times, and enjoy he did!

    The cloud-sky picture is just great. It really does exemplify the light of the gospel coming into Spain.

    Don't worry about the repetitious pictures of the missionaries eating and visiting. All the parents just love to get one more look at their kids and their fellow missionaries! I enjoy that you mention where each missionary is from.

    Thanks for the fun look at the zone conferences!

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  3. I am so grateful for the blessing of the mission for our son! He LOVES his companions, works incredibly hard, and "sleeps the sleep of the just". He feels that he has met many "brothers-from-other-mothers"(as the younger brother of 6 sisters and 3 MUCH older brothers, this is very important to him!) and warns me that he will be bringing lots of them home! I may need some group recipes from sister Belnap!

    Candace Fowers

  4. Just want to add ( I can't figure out how to edit, obviously) that I so appreciate the prayerful and loving Spirit with which you both approach this service. Thank you so much for all you do!

    Candy Fowers

  5. I hope its okay that I make a comment on here. I am a former missionary that served in Leon back in 2007. I was wondering if there is still a member there by the name of Timo and if he is active. I would love to hear how he is doing.

    Austin Madsen

    Served in the Spain Bilbao Mission 2005-2007