Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baptisms are Wonderful

This baptismal story starts out in an interesting way.  The young man in the green shirt is the "former" Elder Guynn.  He has been home from his mission for around 9 months.  He was in the area visiting his old mission with his parents and some members of his family.  The missionaries told him about the baptism this Saturday of a man by the name of  Ronald, and Elder Guynn had taught him too.  The Elders invited him to come to the baptism and he was delighted.  Even though we never worked with this young man you could feel from his enthusiasm and good spirit that he was a devoted Elder.  Welcome back! 
Now we jump to Saturday.  Elder Bingham has a big smile on his face because Ronald was taught by Elders Bingham and Moore.  He is on the phone, seeing if another investigator is coming to go to the baptism.  They planned to meet her at the metro, but she decided not to come.  They were a little disappointed, but not much as this is a special day with an investigator that is so ready.  
We arrive at the Bilbao capilla to be greeted by our Zone Leaders of the Bilbao Zone, Elders Alvarez and Stevens.  Elder Alvarez has just arrived 3 days earlier from San Sebastian and this is his first time as a Zone Leader.  He is from Guttenberg, New Jersey, and is totally bi-lingual.  This is such a great asset to both the investigators and the missionaries.  But Elder Stevens, on the right, from Spring Valley, California, is a seasoned elder who speaks beautiful Spanish and is a marvelous teacher.  When he was teaching in our last zone conference I was so impressed by his ability to speak with the spirit.  They are meeting Hna Belnap who just arrived with her husband two days ago.
Here is the former Elder Guynn with his darling little sister.  I am so sorry, I forgot her name, and she was so excited to be there with her brother.  Ronald had asked if Elder Guynn could be one of the speakers at his baptism.  What a special treat, to come back and have this happen.  A true tender mercy of the Lord for many people.  
There was lots of excitement inside for the baptism.  We see Elder Smith talking with Elder Belnap, and there is Elder Nelson, from Arlington, Va smiling at me.  He and his companion Elder Rumbolt who is talking in the background,  have a baptismal fecha for later this month.  We plan to be there!
Here we are with Ronald, the dark haired man next to Elder Bingham.  The other man is the Elder's Quorum's President of the Las Arenas branch.  And of course, Elder Moore on the far right.  We went with the elders to a visit with Ron.  They wanted to teach him about tithing and fast offerings.  As they were going along a paper fell out of Ronald's scriptures.  It was a tithing donation slip.  Ronald chuckled a little and told the elders he was already paying his tithing.  He is incredible with a wonderful story.  He was taught over 3 years ago, and then re-taught a little by Elder Guynn.  Then he was re-found by contacting from Elders Bingham and Moore.  He bore his testimony after the baptism.  What a wonderful man with a very strong spirit and knowledge of the gospel. The Lord does lead his servants to find.  It was truly a wonderful night and we all left edified and excited.  This work is wonderful and worth it!

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  1. How wonderful about Ronald. Elder David Moore was so excited too in his email. Ronald, what a great young man, so full of the spirit. Just great to see strong future priesthood leaders embrace the fullness of the gospel and move forward with such commitment!

    Again, a big shout out for Sis. Clegg and her non-stop, right on updates on the mission! You go girl!