Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Arrivals, "The Show"

Tuesday, August 4th, the arrival of 4 new missionaries.  Everyone in the mission is excited to see who is coming and what they might be like.  The office informed us that they call this "The Show".  It's the day that you "show" the new elders and sisters around, show them the mission, show them how to do the work, show them their areas, etc.  Well as you can see from the picture, there are 4 elders walking through the doors to the baggage claim area.  They have a fun area at the Bilbao airport where you can see them come through, and watch them get their luggage.  It is truly exciting to see them come through, we are waving at them and then they realize who we are, an exciting moment.  
Here you see President on the right, and the two auydantes looking down on the two of the elders waiting for their luggage.  After we see that they have their luggage, down the escalator we go, to greet them as the doors open.
Here you see Elder Nye, from Farmington, Utah, talking with President Clegg.  In the background is Elder Crocker from Salt Lake City, and even better, Skyline High, the President's old high school.  On the back left is Elder Aston, from Rupert, Idaho,  talking with Elder Moore and let see, there is one more Elder!!!
Here he is, Elder Hansen, from South Jordan, Utah.  A very Wasatch front group of young men.  They look great, a little shocked, excited, scared and very happy to be in their mission. They have come just a short 55 minute flight from Madrid as they have been in that MTC for the last little bit.  So now it is on to the mission home to start the orientation.
Here is a great shot of the entire group.  They are from l. to r., Presidente Clegg, Elder Crocker, Elder Nye, Elder Hansen, Elder Aston, and Hermana Clegg.  It is such a joy to have them in our home.  Mom and Dad, you will be receiving a picture of your son with us in a short while, but just so you can see, they look great.
After our morning orientation, and medio dia lunch, it is now 2:45 and we are on to the office.  But first, we have found a "detour" to take the Elders on.  This was a place that Presidente Clegg and Hermana Clegg found one day, and we just had to share it with the new missionaries.
Between Mungia and Bilbao, there is a great park which allows you to see all of Bilbao in it's splendor on one side, and Las Arenas and the ocean on the other side.  Here Presidente Clegg read them from D.& C. 31:3,5,7.  This is where it talks about the time for your mission is now. He then pointed out some of the areas where the Elders would be going, and pointing over mountains where others would be going.  But they don't know where each one will go yet.   They all loved it and we had a picture perfect day to do it.  But no time to waste, we are off to the office for the business of finances and other details of missionary life.
I just had to share the view.  I know I had a picture taken real close to here, but this one is even better.  I just love the bridges in this country!
Here we have the secretaries going over the details.  There aren't usually 3, but Elder Flory, (in the center) is leaving tomorrow, and so he is making sure Elder Strickland, at the computer does everything right.   Elder Barber gives the missionaries their cards, so they can purchase food and explains a few other things.  Now the fun part, real live street contacting.
Here we have Elder Bingham and Hansen talking to a women outside of the office.  The streets aren't too full as it is the end of medio dia.  These are real shots as I stayed across the street and used my zoom.  I think during the 15 minutes they had to contact these Elder's made a few contacts with phone numbers.  Great work!
Here we have Elder Barber and Aston, talking to this old women.  She wasn't interested but she had to tell them about her sore leg.  The Elders walked with her a little down the street, and then took off  to look for more.
Here we have Elders Moore and Crocker talking to these two gentlemen.  They were with them for a while and did make a contact to go visit them.  The cool bridge you see behind them is called Puente Colgante.  You can pay to go up and walk across the middle.  It is really a cool thing.  Las Arenas is a great area to work in.
I just had to throw this beautiful shot of a walking street in Las Arenas.  Pretty City!
Here is Elders Flory and Nye coming back from their contacting.  I just couldn't find them but they also made a few contacts.  Great work Elders.
Now the best part of the day, the assignments.  All day long the elders are wondering where they will be assigned and who is their trainer.  The President interviews each of them and makes his decision at the end of the orientation.  Here he is introducing the elders to the picture of their trainer and then the Auydantes cleverly tell them what city they are in.  It was fun to see the excitement of the new elders and the office staff.  I actually think the office staff is more excited because they know the trainers and would tell all these wonderful things about the trainers or the areas they were going to.  This was followed by a sweet testimony meeting and then it was off to the bus station for two of the elders, Elders Crocker and Nye were going to San Sebastian and Santander respectively.  Then Elder Aston and Hansen were doing exchanges for the night with the auydantes and then in the morning Elder Aston will be going on a bus to Oviedo and Elder Hansen on the party train to Pontevedra.  Such a great day for all.  These are 4 great Elders sent to the BEST mission and we are SO excited to have them.  Moms and Dads, they are in good hands and thanks so much for raising such great young men!


  1. That is a great day. Just think you get to do that 35 more times! Well maybe not that many but still, I bet those days will all be great. It reminds me of my first day, that is where I met Jodi!:) I love the picture of all of them in there suits over looking the city. That is quite the sight.

  2. Sister Clegg, I'm loving your blog. Thanks for helping me to feel the spirit at my computer as I'm working away, you just made my day!

  3. It sounds like the day was great! I loved the picture of dad and the elders looking over the city. What a great idea and a great way for the elders to start their mission. I can't wait to see Spain!

  4. Technology is the best. We feel like we are practically there with you. We could feel the excitement of the day. Just love the play by play pictures and descriptions!
    You little camera snoop, Sis. Clegg. Hope the Spanish police don't pick you up for spying! Ha ha. I can tell you're having a great time and really magnifying this calling.
    Thanks for all you're doing for all of us.
    Love and Prayers,
    Laurie Moore