Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I want everyone to meet Alejandro on the left and Jose on the right.  Hnas Garcia and Calderon, two of the sweetest and most fantastic missionaries in the middle, are both from Spain.  I had the privilege of going out with the Hnas for 5 hours yesterday.  I need to experience the real mission life and learn how they teach and preach.  It was a great evening.  We had 4 appointments and they involved me in all of them.  But these two boys pulled at my heart and taught me so much.  They are so excited about the gospel.  We get to their apartment and they probably took 15 minutes going over all they had read.  The older brother is reading the Book of Mormon and the younger is reading the children's version with pictures.  They understand everything probably better than many adults.  To look into their eyes as they light up in sharing the words of the pages brought tears to my eyes.  Each one offered a prayer, simple and very sincere.  At the end, little Alejandro offered us juice.  He ran into the kitchen and brought us glasses and pulled over a table and served each one of us.  I found myself in awe of these two giant spirits in little bodies. They take the bus each week to come to church and also come to all the branch activities.  Their mother isn't as interested and has brought them once, but for two months they have been coming, through the city of Bilbao, to everything they can on their own.  They are looking forward to their baptism.  It will be so sweet.  I left their home feeling honored to be in their presence and wishing all mankind could see the faith and joy that these two boys have.  Incredible!!

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  1. Sister Clegg,

    Some of us are REALLY looking forward to the pictures and news (Of course I already heard.. all the Branches are Wards- except 3) . One one hand I am happy for the folks there.. they have been talking about this moment for the last 9 years (that I know of). On the other hand it's a LOT of teaching for you and your husband.

    Thank you for your blog.. if and when you visit Pamplona, could you take a picture of the primary (and my granddaughter)??