Monday, September 28, 2009

Leon and Vigo, Here We Come!

We love the Leon Zone and all it's enthusiasm.  Elders Corbridge and Quinn are two very good leaders and they were ready to lead the charge!
The Oveido District did a special number, "The Army of Helaman."  When these young men sing these wonderful primary songs I have a hard time holding back the tears.  L. to R. are Elders Harris, Barber, Pederson, Skidmore and Hanson
What, the President said I am going where?  Elder Probst is surprised about something.  Elder Hanson is looking on in all seriousness but I don't think that Elder Moore looks too riled.  I am thinking they set this photo up for my benefit.  Well they made the blog, didn't they.
"Hey",  Branch President Roldan seems to be saying as a group of great Elders give me some smiles.  L. to R. are Elders Roldan, Barber, Smith, Bingham, Hanson, and Skidmore.  They so enjoy gathering together and learning from each other.
This looks like Elder Pederson is striking a GQ pose!  He is a hard working missionary and he also loves to sing.  We had fun back in Orense I seem to remember!
We took the time to reminisce and take a picture of the first office staff we had when we arrived in the mission 3 months ago.  Now only Elder Moore on the far left is still with us in the office.  Elders Bingham, Flory and Barber are all working hard in the Leon Zone and they are making a difference.  But no time to waste, after Leon it is off for another 3 1/2 hour ride to Santiago where we will hold our last zone conference.
Oh, the Vigo Zone that meets in Santiago.  Santiago is more centrally located so we meet there.  We always feel such a sweet spirit when we walk in, it must be these wonderful Elders and Sisters.  
The Santiago District provided a special number.  Hermana Fitches sounded like an angel when she sang with the Elders.  They sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and it was wonderful.
Hermana Maquieira was having a birthday and I couldn't get the Elders to stop telling all the great things about this wonderful sister from Tarragona, Spain.  We love this Hermana
The Orense Elders sang also and they were great.  Now is this not international, Tonga, Spain and Arizona are where Elders Kofe, Moya and Webb are from.  
I didn't show too much food this time but you just can't beat the Spanish bread.  It is wonderful.  I also taught from the Attributes of Christ and how each of our missionaries need to "Match the Message."  I had an apple and M & M's in this basket for a mid morning snack.  They loved it.  The crazy thing was that only one missionary could tell me what m & m stood for, it was Elder Moore.  Do you know?  (Hint, Melt in your Mouth not in your hands, remember?)
At the end of the day, the missionaries get their mail.  Hna Abellan is reading hers and Elder Johnstun looks like maybe he didn't get any.  Oh, and who is that Elder running out the door?  None other than Elder Moore, leaving as soon as he could to do an exchange with Elder Sayaz in Santiago.  Elder Moore started here at the first of his mission and he was so eager to go out.  Can't hold these missionaries down.
Hermana Maquieira must have gotten great news from home, she looks happy.
Elders Stevens and Jackson are ready to go back to Ferrol, and I don't know what Hermana Fitches is laughing about, but it must be funny.  A great conference and now we will be on the road shortly. 
Oh Elder Ashby, the first round of Zone Conferences for a very hard working new assistant just took it all out of him.  Elder Moore and I couldn't resist taking this one.  We love Elder Ashby and he is trying so hard to do everything right and be on his toes.  He is and he deserves a little snooze as we have all worked hard on our Zone Conferences this time.  We talked about working with members and reminded the Elders and Sisters to not hesitate and keep on extending and inviting the people to accept the gospel and be baptized.  In the last conference Elder Ashby was so moved as he was bearing his testimony of how this has changed his mission that he started to get a little emotional.  He is so engaged in his work and loves being a missionary so much.  After the conference he came to me and told me he was sorry that he had lost it for a moment.  I looked at him and said "Elder Ashby, you won my heart, don't every apologize for loving the Lord."  He is certainly becoming qualified for the work.

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  1. What a non-stop pace you all go at! So wonderful to see all the missionaries are doing so well. I know how much it means to all of them when the mission president and Hermana come to town. They just drink in the words of counsel, advice and inspiration.
    Loved the fun picture of Elder Ashby. There's nothing much more moving than a man sharing his tender emotions about his testimony and love of the gospel. So glad you told him never to apologize for that.
    Not surprised Elder Moore knew about M&M's. Our family are such "foodies." The Spanish bread looked delicious. Glad you had the apples too. Ha ha.
    Thanks for keeping it coming. So many of my friends who have sons on missions are jealous of what a fantastic job you do sharing the Spain Bilbao Mission experience with all of us.