Saturday, September 19, 2009

Priesthood Leaders Assemble

It is time again for Zone Leader Counsel.  What a choice meeting with so much teaching and counseling that goes on.  Pictured here are 4 missionaries who came into the mission together.  From L. to R. are Elder Anderson, mission finance secretary, Elder Dredge, one of the Zone Leaders from Vigo, Elder Ashby, the newest auydante, and Elder Quinn, one of the Zone Leaders from Leon.  All these Elders came into the mission at the same time.  They are all excellent leaders and good friends.  The missionaries always enjoy seeing each other.
This is what the Elders affectionately call a "Father-Son" picture.  The Elders standing, Elder Corbridge on the left and Elder Griffith on the right trained the Elders seated in front of them, Elder Cairns on the left and Elder Dredge on the right.  Often times with the vast size of our mission, once a missionary is transfered, he never sees his trainer again.  This is a great meeting where the Zone Leaders come prepared to report how their Zone did during the past 6 weeks and inform the Presidente and all the others of what their focus for the next 6 weeks will be.  These young Elders are excellent in their leadership and their insight to the needs of their Zones.  It is a very inspirational and wonderful meeting filled with great counsel. 
Elder Quinn, third from the left is pictured with all of his companions.  Wow, he has had some wonderful companions, Elder Rowley, Elder Giffith and then Elder Corbridge.  Elder Quinn is a very talented violin player and as I had brought my violin, I asked him to share with us a special number.  Elder Rowley accompanied him.  These two Elders never practiced the number but were so willing to do it.  It really brought the spirit into the meeting.
After the morning of hearing from all the Zones and learning from the  Auydantes their teaching for the upcoming Zone Conferences, it was time for lunch.  Chicken enchiladas were on the menu.  Starting left going counter clockwise you see Elders Olds, Strickland, Anderson, Ashby, Moore, Dredge, Griffith, Alvarez, Quinn, and Rowley.  Their plates are plied high and they are ready to eat.
Here is the other side of the table starting with Presidente Clegg, Elders Cairns, Corbridge, Alvarez, Quinn, Rowley, Olds, Strickland, Ashby, Moore, Dredge, and Griffith.  It is amazing how much food these 12 young men can eat.  But, I think we really filled them up.
"Oh, Hermana Clegg, we don't think we can move."  Well they better wake up, it is time for the Presidente to teach and they don't want to be found sleeping through his teachings.  He taught them from D. & C. 121:33-45.  It was a very inspiring discussion as the Presidente stood up and quoted the entire 14 verses by memory.  He memorize it as a young missionary and has loved the teachings from it ever since. 
Wow, don't you like where I am sitting, surrounded by 12 "sons" and a husband who all honor their Priesthood.  Their is such power that comes from righteous sons of God.  These wonderful missionaries left ready to work and inspire the rest of the mission.  There is a lot of trust placed on their shoulders to lead.  And the great thing about this, there are so many more of our missionaries in the field who could do the same thing, and they will with time.  One constant of the mission is change. 


  1. Sister Clegg, you should try feeding the missionaries chorizo, snails, jamon.. or even more vegetables. The folks there are justly proud of the vegetables grown in their region. I just got off the phone with my wife and she would enjoy showing you how to prepare a good healthy meditteranian diet. The fish there is so much cheaper than in Utah.

  2. Anne! Having just sent Christian off last Tuesday, these pictures are so dear to my heart! It never ceases to amaze me how we send them out as faithful boys and they return as faith filled men.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.

    Have fun with Nicki and Hillary this week!! I ran into Nicki at the post office and she told me they were coming to visit. YEA!!! Enjoy!!
    Love you!

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  4. Sister Clegg, I am Elder Nathan Dredge's mom and I love this website! Thank you so much for sharing with us mothers. I love to read everything and I especially love the pictures. We are so grateful for your service and appreciate you and President Clegg for all you do!
    Dana Dredge