Sunday, September 13, 2009

6th Saturday=BREAKFAST!!

It's the 6th Saturday again and it means breakfast at the mission home.  Hey, but who is that other women in the kitchen?  Why it's Jennifer Bertin, straight from Bountiful (well now it's North Salt Lake) Utah.  Kim and Jennifer Bertin are dear friends of ours and it was our pleasure to have them with us for a few days.  They are on their way to Paris but they came to see us first.  Now that is love, Bilbao before Paris!!  We love it.  Oh check out my new apron brought to me from Jennifer and a few other friends from home.  I love it, thank-you ladies!! 
Yes, my band of helpers are ready and willing and pumped for breakfast.  They get to the mission home and the first thing out of their mouths is "What can I do to help?" It is so great to have so many willing hands.
Wow, a new elder!  That's Elder Ashby from Mesa, Arizona.  He is our newest auydante.  He just arrived a day ago and we are so happy to have him here.  Elder Bingham is leaving on Wednesday to go with Elder Smith to re-open the city of Benevente.  It is exciting.  Elder Ashby needed an apron so he could feel right at home with Hna Belnap.  Mmn, can you smell that bacon?  Breakfast is almost ready.
Two tables outside will do the trick.  Kim and Jennifer Bertin are on the first table with Elders Bingham, Anderson and Strickland.  Elders Moore and Ashby are on the back table with the Presidente and Elder Belnap.  Dig in!!
Elder Bingham bought a new suit to take home and he didn't know when he asked me to help him with the hem of the pants that my dear friend Jennifer was a clothing and textiles major at Utah State.  So after breakfast it was try on the pants to mark the hems.  
Elder Ashby and Elder Moore are looking on.  Getting a new companion is always an exciting time.  These two are going to be great.  I will have to try to keep things under control in our office.  These two elders are lots of FUN!  Hey, but they work hard too so it is going to be a treat.
After the pant fitting Presidente sat down with the Elders to teach them a principle about how the seed of testimony grows in the lives of all of us and how we need to always be nourishing that seed that grows into a tree.  As our testimonies grow they need more and more nourishment to stay strong.   He does such a great job of taking advantage of the time with his Elders and Hermanas to teach from the scriptures.  Nothing like a little gospel discussion to be the desert after a delicious breakfast.


  1. Thanks again for feeding those big boy missionaries! That's so cool Elder Bingham is reopening a city. What a wonderful treat for you to have friends from home come to visit. Cute apron too. Appreciate the update and confirmation that all is well with Elder Moore. I bet he was having too much fun with all of you and new Elder Ashby. That makes me so happy. Thanks for providing such a warm and inviting place for them to relax and rejuvenate.

  2. Jennifer and Kim looked very "at home" in Spain surrounded by missionaries--didn't you say you were looking for a missionary couple to join you?!! They would be perfect!! So fun to see them in your pictures!!