Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Elder Barber's Departing

It is always a little bit of a sad day for the office when an office Elder leaves.  Elder Barber has been in the office for over 7 months.  He has been incredible and both Hna Belnap and I will miss him a lot.  He is actually leaving a week early as the Presidente decided to change out both missionaries from an area, so he is off to get oriented before they leave.  Since there are 3 elders in the office for a transfer this was possible.  He probably wished he could have left a day or two earlier because Elder Barber is from Norman, Oklahoma and we just couldn't resist rubbing in the WIN that BYU had over Oklahoma this past weekend!  Here Hna Belnap and I are giving him our only legal hug, we are holding each others arms behind him.  We love you Elder Barber.
He has done his job to train Elder Anderson and now Elder Anderson and Strickland wish him well.  Elder Barber actually trained Elder Strickland as a new elder in the mission,  so this is for the second time a fond farewell.
Elder Bingham came in the say good-bye.  They have been in the office together for over 7 months.  Elder Bingham realized this was the longest he had been with anyone in the mission.  Elder Bingham is leaving but not until next week.  Where is he going??  Not telling, transfers go out in a few days when the Presidente starts making the calls.  Let's just say Elder Bingham is soooooooooo excited.  He knows where he is going and it will be a bit of a surprise to a the whole mission. 
I know, crazy picture.  I don't think in the 3 years I will take another picture of our parking garage, but this is the entrance.  We got a new (used) car today.  Actually it is identical to the Sharon Van that we have except it only has about 35,000 km on it where as the one we were in was almost to 135,000 km.  We will drive it for a year and then get a new one after that.  Anyway, Presidente and the auydantes went in to move things from one car to the other and I caught them leaving.  It is probably hard to see but the garage doors here are so heavy.  They fold up in half when they open.  You wouldn't want one of them to fall on you, I don't think you would be around to tell about it later.  

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