Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greetings from Gijon

What a fun day to come into Gijon and find the Hermanas teaching a group of children.  Actually, they are specifically teaching Connie, who is 8 years old.  She is sitting next to her Grandmother Hidalgo, who is originally from Chile.  The other two boys in red are the younger brothers of Connie, Matias is 7 and Bastian is around 3.  The other boy in the white shirt is David who is around 10 and he is a recent convert.   They are teaching Connie to get her ready to be baptized.  We were coming so the Presidente can have an interview with a young girl preparing to go on a mission.
Here are our two Hermanas teaching the lesson.  Hna Goodman on the left and Hna Rudder on the right.  Hna Rudder looks like she might be giving David the evil eye, but not really, just hoping he is listening.  He is a real smart boy and loves to come just to be with the missionaries and learn more about the gospel.  These are two great missionaries and we love them.  Hna Goodman is going home soon and we will miss her.
Little Bastian is cute! He does his best to listen but he can't sit for long.  After about 10 minutes they take a break to go in the hall and run for a few minutes, then back to the lesson.
This is Tamara with Presidente and her application to go on a mission.  She is the aunt of the little kids.  She is a beautiful girl who is excited to go and teach the gospel.  She surprised me when after a while she started speaking English.  She said when she was young she learned a lot from the missionaries.  It is great to see the younger generation of the church in Spain growing up and going on missions.  This will definitely strengthen the base of the church here.  We left feeling good about our short visit and plan to be back in a few weeks.


  1. Hna Clegg,

    Thank you SO much for posting this blog of the mission! Gijon was my greenie area Aug 1995! Vitoria was my last area May 1997 just after the new capilla was almost done. It is such a treat to walk down memory lane and be reminded of the beauty of Northern Spain. It is a blessing and miracle to see the slow but sure growth in each area since serving there.
    Thank you again. May you be blessed in your service!

    Ben Rogers
    Spain Bilbao Alum 95-97

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