Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tending to the Needs of the Districts

There are other parts to our mission than the new stake and that is our two Districts, one is the Leon District, the other the Santiago District.  We had some temple recommend interviews and mission interviews that needed to be done and couldn't wait until Zone Conference time so off we went on a beautiful sunny day.  We left Las Arenas around 10:00 a.m. and were off to Ferrol, all the way across the mission to the far west side.  The 3 scenery pictures were all taken in Asturias.  It is so charming with the farms, the ocean and the mountains.  It is a beautiful drive. 
The bridges in Northern Spain are incredible.  This is one of many along the route west.  They are very modern and artistic.  Makes for a fun drive.
To the right, over the bridge is a little inlet of water.  Just at the edge of the picture out there is the ocean.  It is such a beautiful country that we are falling in love with.
We found ourselves in Ferrol about 1 hour early so we went down to the pier.  This is an old wall that surrounds a section of the harbor.  A beautiful day to take a stroll.  We enjoyed watching the fishermen and the ships being loaded on the docks.
Oh, what happened to this boat.  I guess some repairs are needed.
Walking back to the car gave us this picturesque view of the harbor.  I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting palm trees in Spain. 
Here I am in the capilla with two adorable women.  Margarita is on the left and Lourdes is on the right.  Margarita was getting her temple recommend and Lourdes her recommend for her patriarchal blessing.  The rama has a temple trip planned the next week and about 21 people are going.  Lourdes is also going through the temple for the first time.  She is so excited.  Margarita is so cute and so fun to talk to.  She talks and talks and talks and is just adorable.
These beautiful girls are also going to the Madrid temple and are getting their patriarchal blessings.  We don't have a patriarch in northern Spain, but we will soon in the new stake.  From left to right is Kati and her sister Paolina, Nazareth, a fairly new convert, Margarita, me and a fellow by the name of Jaswinder.  He is from India.  They are all going on the temple trip except Margarita.  She is 71 and won't be able to make this trip.  But she has a daughter who has done an enormous amount of names.  The people love their temple in Madrid.
This is their wonderful Branch President Sanchez.  He has done so much for the branch.  They used to have only about 40 people coming and now they are almost always about 100.  Their is a real feeling of love in this rama.  Here he is playing with Lourdes two children, Marianna and Enrique.  He has a vision of what needs to be done and he is a great source of strength for the people in Ferrol.  We left around 8 p.m. and drove 1 hour back toward Bilbao, but tomorrow we are going to Gijon and to Benevente.  Two missionaries leaving from the mission need interviews so that is on for tomorrows travels.  Sweet dreams till tomorrow.  


  1. I had to do a bit of catching up, but reading about the new Stake being organized was so tender and thrilling at the same time! What a grand time for you and Rick to be serving. And yet another postcard photo--the farmland in Asturias is just beautiful! And as I look at the pictures of those getting ready to head to Madrid to the Temple, I'm grateful to be reminded once again how amazing it truly is that we have a temple right here in our "back yard".
    We love you!!!!

    My missionary leaves this Tuesday for Brazil.

  2. I served in Bilbao 00-02. I remember when Pres Sanchez got back from being sealed to his family in Madrid. He had a palpable light around him and they were so happy. He was working 12 hour days selling books to provide for his family. He was one of the most geniune men I met on my mission. I knew he would be branch president someday and do a great job. It is wonderful to hear updates like this about the members we worked with!

    Gary Walker