Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hooray for Hermanas

New arrivals again and now this time it is two Hermanas in the fish  bowl.  (that is our affectionate name for this part of the airport)  These two great sisters arriving from Madrid.  Hermana Johns from Blackfoot, Idaho and Hermana Stosich from South Jordan, Utah are ready to get going.
Here Presidente Clegg is chatting with Hermana Stosich.  She has been in Spain before and actually lived in three cities of the mission.  Her Spanish is great and she loves the country already.
Hermana Johns seems to be saying that she can handle anything if she has to be surrounded by 3 ayudantes.  Elder Bingham is transferring tomorrow.  His last official duty as an ayudante. 
At the home taking our usual picture.  Such cute girls with so much talent.  We are so excited to have them in our mission.  We currently have 16 sisters in our mission and we love them all.
What is this, purple tie day?  Elders Ashby and Moore were together earlier in their mission in Bilbao and bought these ties together during rebajas!  That is the sale period in Spain which happens in July-August and January-February.  They got a great deal and now decided to wear them together.  Two good-looking Elders.
The Hermanas are taking good notes on all that the Presidente and ayudantes have to teach and orient them on.  I wonder how much they will remember?  Being Hermanas, I bet a little more than the Elders, Hermanas are like that.
Here Elder Ashby is pointing to where they might be going on the map.  Always an exciting time.  It really is fun to watch the new missionaries look at the map and wonder where they might be going.
Hermana Stosich guessed where she was going.  That is a first.  She looks happy.  Both of them have great assignments.  Hermana Johns to Bilbao and Hermana Stosich to Santander.
In honor of Elder Bingham's last ride, he was given the key to the car to be the driver.  We are on our way to the look-out. It had been raining earlier but fortunately it has stopped now.
Here Presidente Clegg reads to them from the Doctrine and Covenants about the time of their mission is now.  The fun thing to notice are the 3 tall brown buildings in the background.  One of those is where Hermana Johns is going to be living.  These are two great sisters ready to work.  After this they did their orientation in the office and then went off to their areas to start their mission.  This was truly the time of their mission! 

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  1. So exciting to see these faithful sisters leaving the comforts of home and bringing their fellow brothers and sisters to Christ. Our very best to them.
    I can see you will have your hands full with the purple tie guys! Did they know purple is THE color of the season?
    Good luck, Elder Bingham as you go out and reopen a new city. Thanks for all you've done for the mission as AP. You're a fantastic young man.