Monday, July 27, 2009

A Sunday Visiting Pamplona

The morning mist of Mungia.  We had to leave early to get to Pamplona and interview the elders before church and then attend church.  It looks like water out their but it is just a sea of mist.  It was a beautiful morning that led to a wonderful day meeting members and seeing our missionaries.  A perfect beginning to the Sabbath.  And yes, this is the famous city where the running of the bulls takes place.
The outside of this chapel is rather small, but inside it is lovely, probably the best one we have seen.  Here we have one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Chavez by the door, ready to greet the members.  Elders Barber and McMclanahan are talking with President Rodriguez. He is the 1st counselor in the District Presidency, soon to be the 1st Stake in northern Spain.  There is so much excitement about this event.  It will take place September 5th and 6th.   Today I might make mention that Elder Bingham, one of our assistants stayed home with Elders Flory and Strickland because the assistants had so many investigators coming to church, they wanted to have one of them there.  All of our office staff are teaching.  Their days are full with things for the running of the mission, but nothing can top missionary work.
This is a picture of the senior primary in Pamplona.  There were probably 1o or more on vacation.  They all look very South American, and many are.  But as you can see the Primary President is standing by her son.  Her husband is French and they speak French, Spanish and English perfectly.  The branch in Pamplona has many native Spaniards as well as immigrants.  The beauty of it all is that all of them are children of our loving Heavenly Father and they all live in Spain where the missionaries were led to find them, or they were led to find the missionaries.  This branch had around 120-130 in attendance today, with many on vacation.  They taught the lesson on Zion's Camp.  This is a great church that has the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
Is there ever a day that the missionaries don't like to eat?  We brought them some homemade snickerdoodles, and they ate them up.  Elder's Moore, Chavez, Oscanoa, McClanahan, Webb, and Barber are enjoying a few before we leave.  Elders and Sisters are such happy people.  They shine and radiate so much love.  It is a great time in their lives.  So now we are off to Logrono and Vitoria for more interviews. 

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