Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our First New Sister

O.K., so this isn't our new sister, but we had to put on the blog our wonderful office elders.  They are unbelievable and never seem flustered or short tempered with our constant  asking of questions.  Elder Bingham and Elder Moore are our assistants, and Elder Barber and Elder Flury are our office secretaries. 
Our newest Hermana arrived today.  Her name is Hermana Abellan.  She is from Barcelona and she is absolutely wonderful.  Her testimony is sound and she is so excited to get to work.  She is leaving tomorrow for Vigo, a great city with a fabulous branch.


  1. Great site – thanks for telling us about it! We’ll be sure to check it often. You’re in our prayers. ~Douglas and Martha Patten

  2. I LOVE this site. Thanks a ton for keeping us updated. I just wish he Spain Malaga Mission site were more like this one =)
    Estrella LaFont Ruiz de Mendoza