Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Oviedo!

This post is an attempt to take pictures of this wonderful scenery in the car.  We left Ponferrada around 10:40 and decided to go to Oviedo to attend a district meeting of elders there.  We knew we would only get there at the end, but since we were in the neighborhood, we wanted to see them.  You go through a long tunnel or two and then come onto some beautiful scenery.  No time to stop today, but with the clear blue sky, I had to try.
We just love how little towns are nestled on the hillsides.  So picturesque and charming.
Oh look at this great group.  The elders in Oviedo and Avilles were in Oviedo for their district meeting.  The elders from left to right are Elder Harris from Sacramento, California, Elder Holmes from Littleton, Colorado, Elder Blazian from Redding California, Presidente Clegg, Elder Kofe from Portland, Oregon, Elder Esteves-Garcia from Barcelona, Spain and Elder Hanson from Cottonwood Heights, Utah.  They are all standing in front of a mall.  Yes, that amazing building which you can't get an appreciation for is a mall designed by a famous Spanish Architect, Santiago Calatrava.  The also amazing thing is this man designed a bridge that is in Redding, California, the same place Elder Blazian is from.  The president got to the district meeting in time to share a few scriptures with his Elders and to share a medio dia lunch with them.  Some of these Elders won't be here next week as  the transfers have gone out.  But I am not telling, I will leave that up to the missionaries to tell their families first.
Finally on the way back to Bilbao, I took a picture of the Picos de Europo.  Actually, this is only a little bit.  There is a national park here and one day we hope to take a p-day and go visit them.  On the road home to a teaching appointment with our auydantes tonight as the days never end, and that is o.k., because we are enlivened by the good work of the Lord.

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  1. Absolutely love the fotos of Oviedo, since my son, Elder Blazian, has served there since February. Also fun to see another Calatrava design/project that has simiar lines to the one we have in Redding, CA. What a good-looking bunch of missionaries! You can see that they are doing the Lord's work just by looking into their faces. Thank you again for this blog. I know it takes time, effort, creativity, and comes from love. Thank you.