Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Galicia is beautiful as the road trip continues

These are some of the beautiful rooftops of Santiago de Compostella.  This is a beautiful city, but no time to really see it.  We took this picture from our balcony of the hotel.  We interviewed the elders in Ferrol after A Coruna and arrived in Santiago around 8:30 p.m. Sunday night.  But rise in the morning we did to start the day with interviews, zone conference and interviews and then a drive to Gijon, just another day in the Spain-Bilbao Mission.
Here we have elders arriving at the church for Zone Conference.  Elders Anderson and Hansen are leading the way with Elders Moore, Cairns, Garcia and Anderson not far behind.  This just makes me want to start singing "Called to Serve."  It is so fun to be around the missionaries.  They not only have such pure hearts, they are full of laughs and stories to tell. 
In this zone we have 5 Hermana's, Hmna Abellan, Maquieira, Clegg, Fitches, and Nielson.  Hermana's Fitches and Nielson are the ones who saved us with the bread the day before.  Both Hermana's Abellan and Maquieira don't speak very much english, so today is a real spanish day for me.  I actually did most of my presentation in Spanish, with a lot of help from the other native spanish elders.  They are good sports to be patient as I learn better spanish.  Presidente Clegg did all of his in Spanish, and he did great.  It was a wonderful answer to prayers for the gift of tongues and for the interpretation of tongues.   
What a great looking zone.  Elder's Ashby and Sayaz are the zone leaders and they did a fantastic job with their zone.  As in every zone, this zone's numbers were way up over last year and they are all so positive and hardworking.  This is also our biggest zone and it showed in the amount of food they put away.  This was a very spiritual zone conference that truly lifted us all. After the zone conference was over, many of them went to the candy store and brought back some great sweets.  Spain has a lot of great things to eat.  We hated to say good-bye, but on to the next city, Gijon for tomorrows zone conference. 


  1. Thanks for the pictures of the Zone Conferences...we were wondering why we didn't get an email on our regular Monday...Then we read the blog, and it made sense! They all look happy and filled with missionary spirit. We appreciate your watchful eyes, care, and concerns, for our son!

  2. Hello,
    I am attempting to contact Ma Elisa Contreras Pineiro. She was my only Spanish Companion on our mission to Sevilla, Espana in 1990-1991. My last letter from her was in April of 1997 and at that time she was located in Vigo, Pontevedra, Galicia. She is married to Juan Pineiro. She was a District RS President. I would love to make contact with her once again. I'm Teresa Everett Toluta'u and live in Utah. I'll watch your blog and see if you can contact her. I would very much appreciate your help! She is a dear friend!