Thursday, July 30, 2009

Piso Check in San Sebastian

This picture was taken on the run as we passed through a toll booth.  The rugged mountain passes are beautiful as you can somewhat see.  We are on our way to San Sebastian.  The Elder's piso has some problems and we needed to address them with the Landlord, so off we go. The Elder's had made us aware of some problems when we were there interviewing last week.  And to their surprise, Presidente Clegg sent me to see the piso.  Needless to say, beside repairs to be done, the elders were told to "Clean It Up".
All went well with the Landlord and he agreed to make some changes.  Here is Elder Ciccio from Italy by way of Argentina on the left and Elder Griotti from Spain, originally from Uruguay.  To great Elders who have real fun personalities.  They have been working hard in San Sebastian and they had a baptism last week.  
All 4 of the Elders escorted Presidente Clegg back to the car.  ( The car pictured is not our van) It is 9:15 at night and still light.   They said they were his body guards.  They are a wonderful group of elders and get along well.   Elder Alvarez on the left is from Guttenberg, New Jersey and Elder Nielsen is from Wallsburg, Utah.  You know where the other two are from.  Boy you love these elders and sisters fast.  We just gained 83 new family members and we love it!
Finally, upon getting ready to leave, Elder Ciccio had to show off one of his breakdance moves.  He is a talented breakdancer and he loves to show his talents.  Notice the big smile as he makes his move.  I think I did a good job of catching the moment. 

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