Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Madrid to Bilbao

The best part of Madrid, doing a session with our great friends, Kathleen and Clark Hinckley.  They are newly assigned to the Barcelona mission, our neighbors.
Hermana's Briggs and Rudder, with Presidente and Hermana Clegg along with Elder's Farnsworth and Fowers standing in front of one of two free standing chapels in our mission. This is in the city of Gijon. They had two baptisms there this week.
With Elder's Evans and Skidmore , Presidente y Hermana Clegg and Hermana's Fitches and Nielsen in the city of A Coruna, on the eastern coast of Spain.   The branche's young men and young women were making pizza's inside the capilla.
Presidente y Hermana Clegg with Elder's Hansen and Anderson in Lugo.  A small branch with great hard working elders.  We didn't put all of the missionaries on the blog this week but next week is Zone Conferences and we will post all the Zones.  
No time this trip for scenery pictures but this was taken outside of our hotel room in Vigo at 10:00 p.m.  It stays light for a long time.  Vigo is our nearest city to Portugal.  I think the border is about 20 minutes away.  Gave our first real talks in a wonderful branch of about 80-100 people.  Lot's of energy and children. 


  1. You both look great! I love seeing you with the missionaries. I can't believe how light it is there. Love you!

  2. You both make me so happy as I see you taking on your stewardship and getting to know your missionaries!! It makes me thankful for Alex's mission president and mission mom who I know are watching over him like you are watching over your missionaries. Thank you!

  3. You both look wonderful and so happy!! You've had 6 months of experiences rolled up into 2 weeks! So glad the woman at the office finally had a softening of the heart and stamped your papers!!

    We're sure that your missionaries have loved meeting you for the first time, and it sounds like you have wrapped every single one around your heartstrings all ready!
    Brian and Jill

  4. Wow! Thank you SO much for creating this blog! It was, of course, great for us to see our son, but also to see his former companions who continue strong in the work! What hard-working, brothers and sisters they are!
    Warmest Regards,

    Robert and Candace Fowers
    Kennewick, Washington

  5. My mom and I loved your blog! We just heard about it today from the mom of Elder Jeffrey Rumbolt--and were so excited to see that our dear honorary family member, Hermana Catina Fitches, had a couple of photos too. It was great to visit Spain!
    Thanks, Sister Narice Altier

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