Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ponferrada is a Precious City

This beautiful statue is at a rotunda. (round about) This beautiful city is situated in the southwest area of our mission, but it isn't on the coast.  It is not far from Portugal and is nestled in some beautiful green hills.  Almost every rotunda has a fountain, a statue or a clock tower.  It is very charming with an old medieval castle that we hope to see one day.  It is a little less than 5 hours to get here from the mission home.  Presidente had to meet with the District President of the Leon District at 8 a.m. on Friday, so we decided to come Thursday afternoon and get with our two elders here to go on a teaching appointment.  It was a great decision!
Here you see Elder Woods on the left, from Sammamish, Washington and Elder Rodriguez from El Paso, Texas.  I don't pose these pictures as I use my zoom to catch them as they come to meet us.  Those smiles are genuine and these two Elders are very special and love their work. The rama that is here in Ponferrada is strong with a lot of leadership in it.  Although it isn't real big, around 50-60 people, they have a wonderful branch president who has a ward mission plan that is text book perfect and they implement it.  The missionaries love it here.
Here we are at Jaime's apartment.  He is the fellow in the blue shirt.  The other gentleman is the Elders quorum president, Felix, who as you can see has come as a member present for the lesson.  This is so vital to help investigators.  Felix welcomed Jaime the first time at church.  Jaime is from Columbia who has lived in Spain for 10 years and has been a "golden" investigator.  He keeps every commitment, even answering all the questions in the pamphlets, because he wants to learn everything.  He asked me to give the opening prayer, and of course, this was all in Spanish.  The spirit was present as these dear missionaries taught Jaime about fasting and some of the principles of the gospel.  You see, this Sunday is fast Sunday, and they wanted Jaime to be prepared for this Sabbath day.  These are missionaries who teach the person, not the lesson.  Preach My Gospel has really helped these missionaries to become master teachers.  Jaime has a baptismal date that he is working toward.  He is intelligent and diligent and I can't fully convey the spirit in his apartment.  Later that night Elder Rodriguez called me to share another incredible experience.  They are teaching a man from the Dominican Republic who when they got their told the missionaries that he had taken the challenge of the promise.  He wanted to know after he repented and was baptized, what was next!  The joy in Elder Rodriguez's voice brings tears to my eyes.  These missionaries who have the spirit of this work are so happy doing this work.  Missions are wonderful.

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  1. Thats my little brother (Elder Rodriguez)!!! May the Lord continue to Bless you, your companion, and the work in Spain!! We love you and may you continue to do the Lord's work His way!! =)