Saturday, July 25, 2009


This building is our mission office  This is where everyone sends their packages and letters to.  We are up on the fourth floor. Yes the top corner windows.  The one on the corner and the rounded one on your left.  This is where the office work is done and many plans are made.  Our elevator carry's 4 people at a time, that is if you don't care about personal space.  It is a very nice office with a kitchen, bathroom, storage room, entry way, secretaries office, assistants and Hermana Clegg's office and the Presidents office.  Come inside and see.
Here you see Elder Barber on the left and Elder's Strickland and Flory.  Elder Flory is training Elder Strickland to take over for him.  Hmm, I wonder where Elder Flory is going next transfer, that is up to where the Lord wants him.  
Here we have our two able assistants working on lesson plans for their investigators.  They actually really were, and can you see 'Preach My Gospel" in Elder Bingham's hand and Elder Moore is taking notes?  I don't know for sure what Elder Moore was doing but what you can't see is my desk that is right to the left of Elder Moore.  I keep them in line if they need it which they don't, they are great examples to all of us.  And they are the ones who have saved us these first few weeks
Here is President Clegg's office.  He has the transfer board just left of this picture.  I am sure a lot of Elders and Sisters would like to see that right now.  Transfers are in 10 days.  The mission revolves around the transfer cycle.
Finally, the secretaries were bringing in some travel plans and other budget questions.  They didn't want to look at me, but you can see their smiles.  From left to right, Elder Barber, Strickland and Flory.  We enjoy our office elders, they work hard and still manage to do missionary work.  


  1. I love seeing the office! That is a very pretty building, a nice place to go to work!

  2. Hello, My name is Terri Sorensen, mother of Elder Jordan Sorensen currently serving in Santander. As I read your post this morning I am struck by the name of the new office couple Elder and Sister Belnap. Why? Because I am sitting in the home of dear friends of ours whom we decided to visit for the weekend. Where? In Glendale, Arizona of course. Please tell the Belnaps "Hello!" from the Lowe family - Jordan, Michelle, Jeff, Josh, Landon and (Brittney). They are thrilled to know of the round about connection and see some pictures of where they are serving.