Saturday, July 18, 2009

First two Zone Conferences, Pamplona and Bilbao

This was our first zone conference and we loved it.  The Zone Leaders, Elders Webb and Chavez did a great job.  The message was centered around our purpose as a missionary, "To bring others unto Christ"  This is the Pamploma Zone.  Yes, that is where they hold the running of the bulls, but zone conference was actually held in Vitoria where the first stake in this mission will be organized the first week of September.  Everyone is so excited.  It is historic!
The next conference was in Bilbao.  This is a zone that is on fire.  They have had so many baptisms lately and everyone is excited. Elder's Corbridge and Steven's led the way here.  This was also a great conference and I only wish I had been able to a take a picture of Elder's Barber, Flory, Bingham, Moore and Strickland as they sang, "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission"  I know their mothers would have loved that but I just couldn't disrupt the meeting.  But as a mother myself, they brought tears to my eyes.  The next post will have some of our road trip to interview missionaries and the next zone conferences.  I am trying to get some pictures of the scenery and more action of the missionaries, but Pres. Clegg and the assistants have us on such a tight schedule, there is no time for stopping.  I will insist this week!

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