Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission Road Trip continued

Not much time to stop for lunch, and two much money to be spent in a restaurant, so what does any good european do, stop at a road stop, break out the bread and meats, and have lunch.  Notice the hot sauce in Elder Moore's hand.  A staple for every meal.  We enjoy a few minutes for lunch, stretch the legs, and then continue on with our journey.  Our g.p.s., alias tom-tom, Hermana York or Lizzie, keeps us on the right roads.  No time to get lost.
Here sits Elders Ashby and Moore in the entry of the Vigo Chapel.  We spoke here the week before.  Elder Ashby is the zone leader and is from Arizona.  His parents served as mission presidents in Uruguay when he was growing up.  His spanish is great and his work is terrific.  A fun elder who loves being a missionary. 
This isn't the best picture, but I took it as we were leaving Vigo.  This is the view all day, riding in the car, crossing amazing bridges and water.  I hope to get some great bridge pictures.  We are on the way to spend the night in A Coruna.  We are tired, but seeing the missionaries always seems to give us more energy.  We will interview tomorrow in A Coruna. 
We spent the night in A Coruna, spoke in church and then Presidente Clegg interviewed Elder's Evans and Skidmore and Hermana Fitches and Nielson.  Found out that Elder Evans does a little sleep walking and the ayudantes had a funny night.  The Hermana's saved our day as we forgot to get some bread before nightfall.  They gave us a loaf and we took 1/2 hour to eat at the end of the harbor of A Coruna.  It has the longest boardwalk in all of Europe.  The light house you see in this picture is the Tower of Hercules.  It is the oldest working roman lighthouse.  And at the other end of this ocean is New York.  Oh, too far to swim!

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