Monday, July 27, 2009

Interviews are Great

This beautiful little city in between Pamplona and Logrono is typical of this area in the mission.  It is much drier and more mediterranean feeling.  We just had to stop to take a picture
Elder Bartholemew is such a great elder.  He was a former assistant and is now training Elder Southwick.  He will be going home in a few transfers.  I wonder what is on his mind?!?  Notice what is left of the spanish tortilla the sisters made for us.  Mmm, it was good.
These are the two sisters responsible for the tortilla.  Hermana's Truscott and Bell, two wonderful hard working sisters.  Hermana Truscott was a spanish major and I have to say I covet her spanish speaking ability.  Hermana Bell is so good and willing to work.  They fill our lamps to be with them.
Here I am with Hermana's Patten, Miskin and McConkie in Vitoria.  It isn't always easy to be 3 together, but they love it and are working real hard.  They have some very progressing investigators and as you can see from their beautiful smiles, they love this work.  What a joy to be with them.  They are working in the city that will be the center of the 1st stake.  How joyous for all.

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