Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission Road Trip for Interviews and Zone Conferences

This is a beautiful little city called Mungia.  The mission home is on the outskirts of this little Basque town.  We had to go here to do a part of our residency paper work.  Our office secretary, Elder Flory came with us with all our papers from Madrid.  We had to now apply to live in Mungia.  The woman was very nice to us and she didn't find any fault with our paperwork.  (yea)  As we were about done, she started talking with someone else.  We couldn't understand a word, when we decided to ask "Was that basque?"  She smiled and said yes.  That was fun, and we left with an "agur".  That is basque for see you later.

Here we have Elder's Moore and Bingham, up bright and early packing the van for our trip.  They have it down to a science.  We had to leave early, 7:00 a.m., so the ayudantes stayed over at the mission home so they wouldn't be out at an hour they weren't suppose to be.  We are leaving for 3 days of 40 interviews and 2 zone conferences.  Our distances are so long, that we can't come home between them, so this is a typical road trip.  We are off to Burgos, Leon, Vigo, Ferrol, A Coruna and Gijon.  Oh, and did I remember to say, speak in church in A Coruna. Whew, this is fun.  Who has the treats? 

Here are two of our wonderful Hermana's.  Hmna Johnson and Sanchez.  They were running to get to the chapel by 9:00 a.m. for their first official interview with Presidente Clegg.  Do you notice the gold sign  by the white roll down door at the left side of the picture just above the man walking?  That is the capilla in Burgos.  It is a nice little chapel and this is where the interviews are taking place this morning with the Hermana's and Elder's Gordon and Driggs.  Yea for the sister's, they are on time just as we are driving up.  Two hard working Hermana's. 

Next stop is in Leon.  This picture is outside the capilla with Elder Nestvogel showing off his soccer skills to Elder Bingham and to a member of the branch in Leon.  Elder Nestvogel is our only missionary from Germany, and he is a good friend of the Paul Hess family from our home ward in Bountiful. We even met Elder Nestvogel when he came to stay when he was 15 years old.  What a small world this becomes with the church.  Elder Nestvogel is the District Leader along with his companion Elder Roldan, who is the Branch President of  the Leon Rama.  After these interviews we are off to Vigo, a 5 hour drive!

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  1. Nice pictures Mom! I love seeing some of what you see. That is funny as I type that I seem to remember you telling me something like that when I was on my mission. Also can your sisters wear knee length skirts?? That is a change.