Monday, December 21, 2009

Variety in Vigo

The Vigo Zone was full of energy and excitement for the Zone Conference. We had a great morning which really was a spiritual feast. But now, it is on to the game.
What does Elder Roldan have? I don't remember, but Elder Dredge and Ashby seem impressed. Oh yes it was some high end chocolates.
Now it is our newest Zone Leader, Elder Nielsen's turn. I think he got a Star Wars Rubik cube. Cool stuff?
Elder Frank nearly jumped out of his seat when he opened this one. I do think it was taken later on in the game, which provided for a lot of laughs.
Elder Nestvogel got a Santa Suit. I just don't think he has a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly, but it was very amusing to say the least.
Elder Oscanoa had some sort of toy that inflates in the water. He is checking to see if that is what it really is. Sorry Elder Oscanoa, your gift was taken. Lot's of exchanges going on.
Elder Ryser got a pop up toy and a bib. Kind of fitting because he is a Greene. But it should say I love my Daddy!
Elder Zamora received a yellow hand towel. Probably not a bad gift in light of what every ones towels might look like. The Hermanas are looking on as it is there turn next.
Hna Sandoval looks cute in her Reindeer Ears. Just not missionary attire, but fun for a party.
Here is the whole group. This was a great Zone Conference filled with lots of talent and a great spirit. We had Elder McClanahan play the violin with the Santiago District singing. The Ourense Boys did quite a hip hop rendition of I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas. Leave it to Elder Webb to organize this one. The Vigo District sang and finally Elder Quinn played a violin solo. Elder Ashby also sang a solo so we were inspired in word and by music. We left filled with the Spirit of Christmas.
Also, what a change in the weather. It wasn't warm, but it almost felt balmy compared to Leon. We left for a long ride back to Bilbao. The other two Zone Conferences are being held after the weekend is over.
What did I find in the back seat? It looks like the security detail is back in force. Are the BIG glasses back in style? Who knows anymore. The ayudantes were delighted to have the sun out so they could surprise us with their finds. Nice going Elders! We had a long ride home coupled with an all out blizzard over the pass between Vitoria and Bilbao, but we got home safely. Great driving Presidente!

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