Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little Ho Ho Ho in Bilbao!

Same game, different missionaries, interesting results.
Hna Johns and Hna Fitches are excited to get started with the game. We had another great conference in Bilbao and truly felt the spirit. The whole theme was on Faith, and how we can all do so much more with faith.
Looks like the Elders are anxious for the go ahead to start. Elder Belnap is planning his strategy.
Elder Dredge starts out by trying to tempt me with his gift. Could it be candy?
Presidente received a basque Santa, but alas, it was taken later on.
Elder Woods is excited about the small basketball hoop. Sorry Elder Woods, that is a hot item. It didn't take much time to move it along.
Elder Hansen is liking his Santa Suit. Hey, didn't we see that in Santiago. Mmm, re-gifting is going on here. Bro. Belnap is doing some scouting before he makes his choice.
Hna Fitches got some little Indians I think. Hey Elder Strickland you be careful with that pistol. Weren't these suppose to be missionary appropriate?
Elder Leon, pink hair? Just say it isn't so!
Elder Cepeda thought he would look better in pink. I think Hna Johns agrees with this assessment.
What, Elder Leon is now Santa? I don't think Hna Stosich can believe it. Elder Leon, you definitely need to gain some weight to be a Santa.
Elder Jackson decided to end the game by taking the last gift. It was a soccer playing bull. Hey, not bad for a souvenir of Spain. Hna Maquieira seems to approve.

Great looking Zone. After the fun we enjoyed a wonderful video on Christ and then passed out the small gifts from us. We gave them each a Book of Mormon with the challenge to read and underline in the book every time it speaks of Christ. It truly is another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Oh yea, time for fun!
Hna Maquieira is a wonderful Hna that will be leaving us in January. She bore a powerful testimony as a departing missionary. She has been such a wonderful, hard working, loving Hermana. We all love her and will miss her dearly.

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