Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Snow in Leon

We thought that since the Missionary Department is cutting down the amount of missionaries we are receiving, we would go out and make our own. He looks good doesn't he? We think he could last for one or two transfers. Elder Frosty is on his way.
This is one of the things that missionaries do when the snow is coming down in buckets and we have all the Asturias Elders and Hermanas stranded because the buses aren't running. The 8 missionaries had to take the train which didn't get to Leon until 1:30 in the afternoon. We were suppose to start the Zone Conference at 10:00, but flexibility is the name of the game when you get a huge snowstorm in Spain. There is only so much time that can be taken in set up and preparation, so we had to have a little bit of diversion.
Moving the car became a project because the tires are scheduled to be changed the next week, oops! I don't know what to think of the Elders. Can't they get this car out?
With one hand I will aide them and off goes the car! There is always need for a women in these situations. Ghee, the snow is coming down and when will it stop?
Makes for great snowball fights. Run Elder Corbridge.
Elder Ashby got Elder Garcia good. Boys will be boys in the snow!
I think Elder Pederson got it the worst.
Now the ayudantes decide to come in from the cold. What, hats in the mission? They need to leave my hats alone, but they are charming don't you think?
Finally the Zone Conference got underway. After a wonderful conference on Faith and introducing the new Standards of the Mission, we had to have a little Christmas cheer. Everyone wanted to play the white elephant game. Elder Southwick is showing off his flash light that he received. There were some interesting gifts to be had this time around.
Elder Dredge likes his plaid hot water bottle. Can come in handy on a cold night.
Elder Pederson is trying to get his gift open. The trick of this game is when it is your turn, you can choose to open a gift or take from someone else. It made for a fun time. There were truly many gag gifts.
It looks like Elder Moore and Elder Dredge are fighting over this gift. Now boys!
Elder Ashby was the last to open. He got cooked spaghetti. Yuk
We ended on a spiritual note but were hurrying so some of the Elders could make their buses that were running by now. Some of them had to stay in Leon for the night and leave in the morning. The Hermanas got to stay in a hotel. We love the Leon Zone. They are hard working and making a huge difference. All their numbers are way up and the baptisms are on the rise. Great work Elders and Hermanas. We love you and look forward to the next time we meet again. Hopefully it won't be on the day of another huge snowstorm.


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  2. Love the full-size snowman! Great job. Can't believe so much snow. Looks like Park City, Utah last week. I Love the "yankee-trader" gift exchange. We did it with the Young Women for Mutual this week at our house. Merry Christmas to everyone...a white Christmas in Leon!