Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Consejo

Zone Leader Counsel comes around again but this time it is December. The mission home is decorated and we are ready for this wonderful Priesthood meeting. The missionaries are excited to see each other and after the greetings and cinnamon rolls we were ready to start.
This is just another angle where it looks like the light is shining on the Presidente. He is always glowing! We are all eager to learn and grow from the counsel given this day
Elders Woods, Ashby and Garcia are going over some details. Elder Garcia is one of the newest Zone Leaders. He brings a lot of animo and leadership to the counsel. He will be working with Elder Corbridge in Leon.
Elder Corbridge seems to have something on his mind or he doesn't want me to take his picture. It looks like I caught Elder Smith in a reflective mood. Two great Zone Leaders, Elder Smith is in Vitoria while Elder Corbridge is in Leon. Both of them are doing fantastic work.
This is a great shot of 5 of our leaders who all came out together. From l. to r. Elders Anderson, Nielsen, Ashby, Dredge, and Flory. One fun note, Elders Nielsen and Flory are both from the small town of Wallsburg, Utah. They have been best friends all their lives and they got their calls on the same day to the same mission. Now they have both been called to be Zone Leaders at the same time, only in different Zones. Elder Nielsen in Vigo and Elder Flory in Vitoria. They raise their sons well in Wallsburg, Utah. Send us some more!!
What a great looking group. You even get a glimpse of the Christmas Trees. I love these pictures of our sons! Front row, l. to r. Elders Nielsen, Ashby, Hna & Pres. Clegg, Elders Dredge and Anderson. Back row, l. to r. Elders Hansen, Strickland, Garcia, Cairns, Rowley, Woods, Flory, Corbridge, and Smith. It was a wonderful counsel. These young men truly know how to counsel and take counsel. They are full of great ideas. The future of the church leadership looks fantastic.
All in the van, ready to go back to Las Arenas and either get on a bus or a train to return to their areas. They are ready to lead their peers in the efforts of inviting all to be baptized! Hey wait a minute, someone is missing.
It's Elder Corbridge, getting a last word with the Presidente. Maybe they are talking about upcoming assignments, only those two know for sure.

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