Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Magnificent 7 plus One

Last Saturday brought Hna Truscott into the office for her final interview. She was suppose to be going on the following Thursday, but there were some pressing family matters and it worked out for her to go home a few days early. She has served faithfully and well. She was with out a doubt one of the best Spanish speakers in the mission, right Elders? (She is a Spanish major) But more than just Spanish, she has a closeness to the spirit in all that she does. We will miss Hna. Truscott
Even if the view is windy, we have to go there. Everyone needs to see the city that represents the mission.
We spent a wonderful evening together. She spent the day Sunday with the Hnas in Bilbao as we had to go to Oviedo, Leon and then home. But bright and early Monday morning she was off to Walla Walla, Washington. She wouldn't get home until Wednesday morning, spending the night in Seattle, but home she is. A thank-you to her parents for sending such a wonderful daughter of God to serve here in Spain.
It is now transfer week and our office staff is changing. Just one last picture together. Only Elder Moore is leaving but next transfer Elder Strickland will leave and then it will be Elder Anderson and Asbhy after a few more. Darn it, this never stops.
Wait a minute, who is out there surfing? Yes, in December in the Las Arenas harbor no less (but not without a wet suit). Just wanted to make sure none of our Elders are out there.
Nope, here comes our California and Madrid boys. Are Elder Griffiths and Chavez leaving tomorrow? Oh no, this is a wonderful group of Elders that we will have a hard time replacing.
Elder Chavez, are you going home to a novia? Not yet, but the lucky girl that gets to be Mrs. Chavez will have won the prize. Elder Chavez has served so well and faithfully. Elder's Ashby and Dredge, the two ayudantes are not sure about this t-shirt that was given to Elder Chavez.
Elders Anderson, Gordon, Bingham and Kofe are waiting for their interview time with the Presidente. We put them on the blog so they can see what it looks like. 4 incredible Elders who we are going to miss so much.
Food glorious food always makes the missionaries happy. We even have carrot sticks and clementines. They love those.
After the interviews are done and food is consumed, it is off to the look-out spot. A perfect day to see for miles and miles. This is such a reflective spot to come and contemplate what the past two years have been like, with all the ups and downs. The Elders can't believe it is their turn to leave. They cannot believe that this time has come.
Elder Dredge isn't going anywhere, he is just trying to look like the body guard! Borrowing the Presidente's glasses and they don't look too bad, do they? Elder Ashby isn't too sure about this one!
What a great group, Elders Probst, Gordon, Kofe, Chavez, Hna Clegg, Pres. Clegg, Elders Anderson, Bingham and Griffith. We really are going to miss them. Such strength lies with these Elders.
They couldn't resist the playground. This actually makes for a great picture. Lot's of meaning we could take from this picture. They came as boys and go home as men for a starter! The rest of the day was filled with dinner and a wonderful testimony meeting. Such a sacred wonderful night. Each one that we have experienced has been so special and tender. They carry the spirit with them so strongly. They are as close to perfect as they come.
Notice I said "close." What are you doing Elder Ashby. I know it's early in the morning but you don't have to cut his tie do you? The Elders in Elder Chavez's piso in Pamplona forgot about this. So we get to see the ceremonial cutting of the tie for Elder Chavez. I don't usually see this.
Mission accomplished!
All checked in and ready to go home. There is a lot of excitement. Many of them talked about what it is going to be like to see their families and who they will hug first. (mom won out for everyone). The sadness to leave the mission and realize that they many never come back or see the people they have grown to love is a different emotion they haven't ever experienced before. The excitement to see their families and realize the changes at home is exciting and a little frightening, but they are ready for the task.
Elder Bingham's face seemed to say it all, happy, nervous, sad and fulfilled. Everyone of these wonderful Elders will be greatly missed. They ALL served with all their hearts, might, mind and strength. They worked until the last minute, showing their devotion and love for the Savior Jesus Christ and the people of Spain. With many tears in our eyes we hugged them one by one and sent them through security. Hmm, through security? What is security in this life? It's the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living it to the fullest. Until we meet again our young warriors, Con Amor!


  1. Wow what an amazing group went home! I was surprised to see so many familiar faces: Elder Anderson, Elder Probst and Elder Gordon! They were all in Vigo and they are really wonderful missionaries. As you said, they served with all their hearts.
    Sister Clegg I think this blog is awesome!
    Gracias por hacer todo esto y por brindar tanto amor a todos. Qué bendición que puedan estar aqui.
    Un abrazo,
    Tairi, desde Vigo.

    PS. say hi to elder Dredge! everybody was asking about him last sunday.

  2. Anne,
    We were hoping to see you and Presidente on the playground equipment hanging from the monkey bars! As always, you look fabulous--how could you not look wonderful..after all you are full to over-flowing with the Spirit! Love from Bountiful! Love from the Taylor's!!