Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebration in Vitoria

Here we go again, with the 4th and final game. Vitoria is ready to go. Elder Ashby is giving the instructions and we are excited to see what is in these packages.
Elder Fowers starts with a bang. He actually got two fun toys to start the fun.
Elder Ashby was excited to get a cutting board and a lighter. No Elder Ashby, it isn't a gun. Some days do we feel sorry for Elder Dredge? (never Elder Ashby)
Elder Smith probably got the award for the most different gift. An empty box with some pictures. Mm, I don't think anyone is going to take that one from you Elder Smith.
Presidente got the coveted prize. He even ended up getting to take it home! Yea for us!
Elder Skidmore thought he had been punked when he opened his box with an I.O.U. in it. After a few minutes of suffering, Hna Rudder told him to calm down as she gave him a bag of candy. Real clever Hna Rudder, way to go.
This is a little blury, but Hna Moraza got a bag full of balls and toys. She really cleaned up.
Boy Elder Esteves-Garcia nobody better mess with you! This is definitely a hit.
You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy. Way to go Elder Flory, that hat does a man proud! Elder Flory is the new Zone Leader with Elder Smith. They did a terrific job.
Elder Howard is wondering why nobody wants his hat. It looks pretty good on you Elder Howard. Just give us a little song and dance now. Actually, Elder Howard played us a violin number that was beautiful.
Hna Sieverts got a magnetic dart board. Looks like the Hna's will be having some fun in their piso.
What a great looking bunch of missionaries. They was a lot of participation and enthusiasm. We are going to see great things coming out of Vitoria.
Merry Christmas to all in a very zaney way.
Elder Fowers, are you crying? We know you aren't but this is his last Zone Conference and we will miss Elder Fowers. Time in the mission goes fast. Elder Blazian is doing his best to offer condolences. But it is time to go on because Christmas is coming to Spain.

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