Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing!

It's the end of another 6 week transfer cycle. We always try to celebrate the hard work by eating together, usually in the office but this time we had to go get Kabobs. These are a favorite of most of the missionaries. They are really good and we enjoyed our lunch together. L to R are Elders Moore, Strickland,Anderson, Ashby and the Presidente and me and Hna Belnap. Oh, I have to add an addendum to the last post. The ayudantes think they won a few more holes or at least tied one or two. That may be correct, but I was never good at numbers. Anyway, we had a great time and Elder Ashby, a re-match will be in order one day!
Then every transfer cycle wouldn't be complete without breakfast at the mission home on Saturday, the office p-day. Hey Elder Ashby, has that food been blessed yet? They are hungry and ready to eat. But wait a minute, there is someone new at this table could there be a change in the office?
Yes, and let me introduce you to Elder Dredge. He is our newest ayudante. He came to us from Vigo. His home is in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. He is an excellent missionary and we are very excited to have him here. Elder Ashby looks content and happy. This will be a great companionship.
I had them all stand in front of the Christmas Trees in the mission home. But you can't see the trees so that wasn't such a great idea. Actually, I would take our great missionaries any day over the trees. Now since Elder Dredge is coming in, this means the departing of our wonderful ayudante Elder.....
Yes, you guessed it, Elder Moore. Always helping as usual. He has been an incredible ayudante and we are going to miss him. He has brought so many good things to the office. We think of him and Elder Bingham as our "trainers" and we couldn't have had any finer young men. Elder Moore just knows where and when he is needed without being asked. He is liked by everyone and an incredible missionary endowed with great power. He knows his purpose as a missionary is to invite everyone to come unto Christ and to be baptized. He has set a standard very high and our great missionaries are following it. He is going out to Gijon, where he will do some incredible work.
I wanted to put this picture because this is what Elder Moore is all about. He loves the work and is always so positive. The first week we came into the mission he and Elder Bingham had a baptism. The last week he is in the office, he and Elder Ashby had a baptism. About 3 months ago Elder Bingham and Elder Moore baptized a man by the name of Ronald. Ronald is pictured here only he is the one baptizing Neyla. It doesn't get any sweeter than this! The spirit was so strong and sweet at this baptism. I remember when Elder Moore told me that Neyla would be baptized. He was right, and the night was great. Elder Moore, we love you and will miss your positive attitude and happy face around the office. We know we have incredible missionaries in this mission, but they don't get any better than Elder Moore. Nos Vemos!

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