Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photo Shoot in Las Arenas?

This past week we had an interesting event happen in the Mission. On Wednesday, we were called by a reporter from the Journal, a newspaper in Galicia. They interviewed Presidente
Clegg and Elder Chavez, who was in the office having his last interview before going home. They also wanted to come by the next day and take some photos for the article. Presidente asked that the office Elders all be there by 10:30 for the interview. They all were coming at once and so they all got in the elevator. And what do you think happened?
They got stuck. Yes, here are our wonderful office Elders. Actually, we have a new one, Elder Hansen on the left is in the office to be trained to take over for Elder Strickland. The elevator stopped just short of our floor and would only open a little. We passed them my camera to get an inside shot. Now the trick is, can you find the 6th person in this picture? (you might have to enlarge the picture) I was passing them food to sustain them for their almost 1/2 hour journey waiting for the repairman. Meanwhile, back in the office.....
Presidente Clegg was being photographed by the photographer. It was both fun and a little strange to have all this attention. She wanted pictures of the Elders, so we were getting a little nervous waiting for the repairman. Finally he arrived, and our Elders were freed!
Here you can see the photographer taking a picture of Elders Dredge, Strickland and Ashby. Elder Hansen is looking on. She took pictures all around the stairs and then she had them venture outside.
The studying Elder, such a nice shot. Ghee Elder Ashby, did you say you wanted to get into modeling?
Finally, the Elders walking down the street. This is always a good shot. We love to see our Elders in action and even if it is set up, it still makes me want to start singing "Called to Serve" Enough adventure for one day, it is time to get back to work!


  1. Do you know when they will publish the interview? I would love to read it!
    Which newspaper?
    Great pictures hermana Clegg!
    saludos, desde Vigo

  2. We were told it was going to be on Sunday, Dec. 13th in the Journal but the missionaries didn't see it. We will let you know.

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