Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat or Pain

It was Halloween night in Spain and we were on our way to Leon for church the next day. We took the time after we arrived to go and walk around and see the Cathedral in Leon. It is a very old Cathedral and is under a hugh renovation that has been on going for years. It was originally built in the 1100's. It was night time and a very impressive site.
We took the Belnaps along so they could get to see a little bit of Spain. They loved going into the cathedral, their first one ever to see. Not a bad place to start.
It was a lovely fall night and we enjoyed our walk around the old city.
This was about all that we saw of Halloween decorations. We did see a few teenagers dressed up as we walked the streets of Leon. We had a wonderful day in church the next day. Great saints there. Sorry no pictures, hopefully when we have our District Conference in two weeks I can get a bunch of people in pictures then.
On Monday we ran over to San Sebastian to take my violin to Elder Howard. He is going to be playing a solo for Zone Conference when Elder Causse comes. We are all getting excited for next week. It is a busy week with two District Conferences wrapped around our mission tour. Here the Presidente found a red umbrella and thought it would be fun to open. Looks like Elder Crocker on the left thinks it is raining. Elders Blazian, Howard and Nielsen are just looking happy. Great looking Elders.
Today we had a dental emergency. Who do you call, well in this case, the Presidente. We called the ayudantes in the morning and found out that Elder Ashby didn't have a very good night. A bad toothache. So Presidente Clegg got to be Dr. Clegg for a moment or two. Just sit back and relax Elder Ashby, you are in good hands.
Poor Elder Ashby, he was in a lot of pain. It was determined to be an abscessed tooth and off the Presidente and the ayudantes went to get a dentist to open up the tooth. They found a good dentist real close to the office and he let Presidente Clegg sit in on the procedure. All was fixed and they returned to the office, numbed up, but feeling better.


  1. Poor Elder Ashby!!! What a pain in the .....tooth! :) So glad Pres. (Dentist) Clegg gave the OK for the spanish dentist and he did a good job. Take care , Elder Ashby. Glad all is well and you can now eat well at the Chinese buffet again! Haha.

  2. What a pity you didn't understand that Halloween is more of an American holiday and the Spanish celebrate November 1st! On this day they visit their dead in the cemetaries. It might make a good missionary opportunity in the future. Of course their cemetaries are a BIT different in that people "rent" a grave - my Spanish father-in-law was there for only 20 years.. then his remains were thrown into a "fossa commun" or common pit.

    Christmas and Halloween are more for kids since they are supported by commercial interests. Look forward to the "Christas" parades in every village Jan 6th.

    I love your pics and think of you folks when I pass through Bountiful on my way to the Family History Library.