Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Burgos to Vigo

We needed to go to Santiago for the weekend District Conference but on the way we made two stops. The first was in Burgos to visit with our two Hna's there. These two, Hna Moraza and Hna Sanchez are such darling hard working missionaries. They are both native Spaniards and they love being companions. They are working very hard with the rama in Burgos and hoping that through these efforts they can serve the members better and realize referrals and investigators to teach. Their beautiful dark hair is such a contrast to mine, yet our love for them and our unity in purpose to spread the gospel is firm. We left feeling up lifted by them and excited to watch their progress.
We arrived in Vigo at night, and I had was able to meet with the Hna's and go with them on a lesson. The Presidente had district business. The next day was the missionary correlation meeting with Bro. Bamio, the newly called branch mission leader. We were thrilled that we could attend the meeting and share in the planning part of the work. This is so important in getting the members and the missionaries unified and informed as to what is going on in the field. Bro. Bamio is fantastic. He just arrived a few months ago from Venezuela. He is here with his 3 children and his wife, who is a psychiatrist will join them when he has secure employment in Spain. They felt a need to leave Venezuela and we are so fortunate to have them here. He was in a Stake Presidency there and is such an asset already.
Elder Johnstun sure has a happy smile. He should, he and his companion Elder Anderson have a baptism next week and are teaching many investigators. The work is really moving forward in Vigo. Looks like a happy Elder Dredge by his companion Elder Cairns in the corner. Those two are our Zone Leaders and loving life.

I think the Presidente has noticed something I didn't notice at first. Yes, look to your front left and see the matching photos. I will have to look closer to see what is written on the pictures of the planners of Elders Cairns and Dredge.
"Best Friends Forever" Wow, happy missionaries carry happy spirits don't they. Hey, what's in the corner, Dream Team? Wow, these two are tight!

So do missionaries who get tons of letters and a package as Hna Patten just received. She looks like she is saying "Thanks mom and dad and family and friends." She and Hna Abellan are new companions and they are working fabulously together. Hna Patten helps Hna Abellan with her English and Hna Abellan helps Hna Patten with her Spanish. They are great together and are navigating the hills of Vigo as if there are none.

We finished our missionary planning meeting and then decided to have lunch together at the Chinese Buffet. Those are very popular here and they can feed the missionaries without much expense. We left Vigo feeling great about the teamwork of the mission leader and the missionaries. A true spirit of teamwork and service was felt there, as we hope will be the case in all our wards and branches in the Spain Bilbao Mission. Next stop, Santiago for a 2 day district conference. Should be exciting and hopefully we will all feel the Lord's spirit in our meetings.

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