Sunday, November 15, 2009

Incredible Visit with Elder Causse

This week has been incredible with the wonderful visit of Elder Causse from our Area Presidency. He brought so much to our mission in the way of teaching, testifying and love. We will remember his visit forever. This picture is with the Vitoria and Bilbao Zones. It was fun to gather half the mission to be together.
Elder Leon with Hna Moraza and Sanchez were all smiles after the Zone Conference.
Elder Farnsworth seems to be enjoying his apple. Hna Johns looks happy too. Elder Nye is giving us the thumbs up in the corner. All have enjoyed their spiritual feast with Elder Causse
Elder Nye is all over the place. Elders Anderson and Strickland seem happy too. At the end of the Zone Conference we gave everyone an apple and a package of M &M's. Just a little treat to end what was a wonderful day. The apple so they would eat something healthy, and the m & m's to remind them that they are "Missionaries to Match the Message." Elder Causse taught us so much. He made us all want to do better.
Elder Fowers is just happy to be here.
Elder Crocker is getting a little one on one with Elder Causse. This wonderful man was so willing to spend time with every missionary. As we entered the room at the beginning of each conference he wanted to shake the hand of every missionary and speak with them. Every missionary was beaming as they spoke with him.
Now we are at the combined conference with the Leon Zone and the Vigo Zone. We all met in Gijon. It was just as wonderful as the other conference the day before. Here Elder McClanahan is enjoying his lunch.
Elder Causse is enjoying his lunch while talking to the Hermana's. Hna Sandoval is letting us know all is great. The sisters sure look intent on what Elder Causse is saying.
More Elders enjoying lunch. The special numbers for the conferences were great. In Vitoria Elder Ashby and Hna Rudder sang a duet while Elder Woods played the piano. In Gijon, Elders Driggs and Aston played the piano.
The Presidente is making sure everyone got enough food.
We still had birthday time. And no, don't write me about Elder Ciccio's eye. He does that every so often to try to scare me. He's fine.
Elder Bingham looks great. He will be leaving us soon which seems hard to believe.
Elder Castellon and Hna Calderon pose together.
At the end of both Conferences Elder Causse played "Come Come Ye Saints" on the piano. He is a very accomplished pianist. It was such a wonderful ending to each day of Zone Conference. We loved gathering together in bigger groups. It seemed to make the days even more special. But truly the best part of each conference was to know we had been taught by a wonderful man of God. He will influence our already great mission for months to come. Merci for your wonderful visit Elder Causse.

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