Saturday, November 28, 2009

Relief Society in the Vitoria Stake

On November 21st the Vitoria Stake had a Stake Relief Society night. It was all about talents and how sharing our talents can help to fellowship each other. It was a wonderful event held in the Vitoria Chapel. The display you see was done by the Stake Relief Society Presidency. Then down the middle of the chapel area they set up tables where each ward or branch could display what they wanted to.
This is the Logrono Ward display. Such talent these wonderful sisters shared.
This was done by the Bilbao Sisters. They talked a lot about healthy eating and living. They also shared their talents on the guitar that you will see later on in this post.
The Pamplona Ward shared some wonderful handwork.
You can see in this picture Burgos on the left and just a small part from Las Arenas. Santander was unable to attend. The dresses laying on the table where all made by the sister on the left. Very beautiful work!
San Sebastian had some beautiful crochet work and knitting to display.
Here are the beautiful sisters from San Sebastian. They look happy to be here.
Vitoria had a wonderful display of a variety of things. All the women that came enjoyed looking at everything.
Here are the wonderful talented sisters of the Bilbao Ward. They played a guitar number. Most of them had just learned this past year how to play the guitar.
These are the wonderful sisters of the Stake Relief Society Presidency. They had the faith to ask me to speak to all the sisters this night. I hope that all of them came away feeling the spirit and felt the time was well spent. I sure enjoyed seeing the Relief Society flourishing in Spain.

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  1. Hearing you speak doesn't take much faith - it's a privilege!