Sunday, November 8, 2009

Santiago District Conference

At one of the farthest points west is the Faro Cabo de Villano. This is a lighthouse on the northwestern tip of Spain by the charming town of Camarinas. We actually went out there about 2 months ago. It is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Santiago. Absolutely breathtaking and the color from my photograph didn't transfer well. We waved to New York and returned to Santiago.
This is a small snapshot of this tiny seaport town. This is where much of the handmade lace of Spain comes from. Very beautiful things are made here. A beautiful evening was enjoyed.
The picturesque Galician seaport with their colorful boats. It was a very tranquil night as the sun was setting.
Here are the real "Faros" of Galicia. The choir for the district conference was from the A Coruna Rama. They sang with much spirit and love. They set a wonderful tone for the conference.
We met in the Melia Araguany Hotel and it was a great conference. Elder Camargo, our Area Seventy was presiding and he was wonderful. You can tell from the smiles of Elders Ryser and Driggs, they enjoyed it too.
So fun to go to the District Conference and see friends that we have made while visiting the Rama's. This wonderful young women is Katherin and she speaks absolutely perfect English. She has lived in the states for a few years. (Is that right Katherin?) She is adorable and don't you love her glasses!!
The Hughes Family lives in Ferrol. They are an American family working in Spain. They are John and Kadee Hughes and their darling boys Ian, Jack and little Eva (due soon). Doesn't every kid love the mike?
Elders Hansen and Garcia and either a member or investigator, I didn't find out for sure. They are in Pontevedra doing incredible missionary work.
Members from A Coruna meet up with Elder Webb who used to serve there. That is one happy part of District Conferences to renew old friendships. And don't you love the little girl on the lower right. She was mugging big time for the camera. These are all wonderful people with incredible stories. Irelis, the second from the left is really smiling. Her husband was baptized last week and then he baptized his daughter the next day. Their older daughter Wendy was baptized in August and now they have the goal to go to the temple in a year. Fantastic!
Papa Webb with his son, Elder Ryser. I guess these terms of endearment are universal. Elder Ryser is one of our newest missionaries but he doesn't act like one. Elder Webb reports he is incredible in his language and teaching skills. We need those kind of missionaries here.
Angels among us!
Elders Kofe and Oscanoa ham it up a bit. They are loving life in Ourense. They get to live with Elder Webb and Ryser, never a dull moment.
This is Tairi Bamio who's father is the mission leader in Vigo. She is so fun. She speaks fluent English, German and of course, Spanish. She is studying to be a translator. I think I am going to hire her.
Elders Nestvogel and Sayaz are doing great in Santiago. Elder Nestvogel is our linguistic missionary. Of course perfect German, Spanish and English. Wow, such talent that the church does need. These are two hard working Elders in a city that needs them. Elder Sayaz has been a Zone leader and currently is the District Leader. Go Elders!
The children of Spain are adorable as evidenced by this little smattering of kids. And just like home, when the meeting is over, the shirttails come out and the kids are on the run.
I finally met the famous Iago from Vigo and his lovely wife Carina. They are the future of the church in Spain.
Camilla, my darling friend Camilla from Pontevedra. She lived in Salt Lake and she talks like she lived in Salt Lake. I am so amazed when they speak another language without any hint of an accent. She is dedicated to the work in Spain, although she longs to go back to Salt Lake. She will.
Finally, Elder Jackson seems to be saying "Take me to you leader." I think Elder Stevens needs to take him home to Ferrol. They had a baptism this past week and have been working hard to get all the details worked out and make it a wonderful experience for all. A great conference and a wonderful time to renew and refresh our friendships and our spirits. Now it is on to another week of missionary work, that's what we do!


  1. This blog gets it all... the scenic countryside, the town, the seaside, missionaries, members, those adorable children, and a great spirit of the gospel of Christ. Great job.

  2. Tears have come to my eyes as I have felt the Spirit of the Lord's work in Spain as I have read this entire blog.

    I am thrilled that our 25 year old son has received a call this week to serve in this mission.

    This morning Dick Moffit promised that he would have a powerful experience serving under the Cleggs.