Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mexico by Way of Santander

We traveled to Santander on the Sunday, November 22nd and were privileged to witness Pres. Salgado become Bishop Salgado. His wonderful wife Ophelia invited us to come over and have a REAL Mexican meal. She is from Mexico. How many ways can we say WONDERFUL! It was incredible and I will have to admit, we stuffed ourselves. They were also so kind to invite the 4 missionaries that are serving in Santander. Pictured from l. to r. is Presidente Clegg, Elder Farnsworth and Elder Nye. Then there are the two daughters, Lenore and Denise who are both beautiful and fun. Following around the picture you see Hna Maquieira and Hna Stosich. The last one is Rosa who is married to their son Serigo. He was sustained as the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopbric today. It is time to dig in.
Oh wait, we can't start without the chef! Ophelia is a wonderful and loving person. She makes us feel so welcomed! Thank-you for the feast!
Rosa is showing us the little taco. We ate enchiladas and tacos that were the best. This was definitely not American Mexican Food. This was the real deal. Everything was homemade.
Here we have the whole crew of very happy and very well fed people. This is a family that is filled with love for the people that they serve in Santander. They have remarkable stories of their conversions to the gospel. They are committed in every way. We left with full stomachs and warm hearts at the hospitality shown to us. When do we get to go back to Santander again?

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