Friday, October 16, 2009

Second Round of Interviews

Second half of the mission needed to be interviewed and here we find the President teaching a little to the Elders in San Sebastian. They all looked glued to his words of wisdom. Good Elders are always eager for advice from the President.
Next stop was in Ferrol. Yes, 6 1/2 hours across the mission. We took the ayudantes with us and everywhere we went they worked with the missionaries on contacting and inviting people to be baptized. It was very well received. In Ferrol it was the Elders p-day and so the president told them to come in their p-day clothes. Elders Stevens and Jackson also fixed us lunch, homemade pizza with all the fixings. Here Elder Ashby was giving the presidente a little shoulder message as he ate his pizza. Elder Jackson just hopes the Presidente likes his pizza.
Everyone was happy with lunch and the role play and teaching went well here in Ferrol. These two elders are working hard and seeing a lot of progress in this city.
The next stop was A Coruna where we did the interviews and workshops and then the Auydantes went of on cambios with Elders Esteves-Garcia and Elder McClanahan and I went out on cambios with the Hermanas. Hna Calderon, Sandoval and Fitches were great to be with. We had a night of total contacting as their weren't any visits for tonight. I first went with Hna Calderon and we were able to get 3 referrals while later with Hna Fitches we got 1 referral. We talked to a bunch of people always trying to "state the obvious" when starting a conversation with people. I was real original starting with 'Hola, soy de los ustados unidos" The people would laugh and say, yes, we can tell. I guess my accent is still very american. Anyway, we had a great time. I love working with the sisters.
The next morning we were up and off to Santiago. But I couldn't leave without taking a few morning shots of the beautiful A Coruna area. Notice the small boat in the water. This tiny beach was right out of our hotel. No, we didn't go to the beach, but it was very beautiful. The morning light is just coming on the horizon. Beautiful with the sound of the seagulls and the water lapping up on the sand. Ahhh, oh well, must get on the road.
This isn't Stonehenge, but this was out the other side of the hotel. Again, a beautiful sight. I am getting to really love A Coruna.
After stopping in Santiago we pushed on to Pontevedra. Here Elders Hansen and Garcia fixed us a very authentic Mexican meal. We enjoyed this and afterwards the Presidente did his interviews. The auydantes also worked with the Elders. Nice way to spend Medio Dia.
Afterwards it is on to Vigo. The zone leaders, Elders Dredge and Cairns are really doing a great job. This zone is incredible and they are working as hard as missionaries could. Here we have l to r. Elders Dredge, Ashby, Cairns, Gerber, and Moore. Sorry to Elder Anderson who is in his interview. Great looking Elders with happy smiles to match.
After the interviews here I went with Hermanas Abellan and Maquieira to work for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We had a box full of supplies to drop off to their piso so we took a few fun pictures while we were there for 3 minutes. Here is their study area. Always neat and clean in the hermana's piso.
Maybe we should cook something up? No, no time.
After the day is done, here is were the Hermanas will sleep. But no time for that, it was off to the hills of Vigo. We went everywhere. We had a few appointments fall through, we delivered pamphlets to members who are working with the missionaries, and did a lot of contacting getting a few referrals and talking to a lot of different people.. We finished of the night with a visit to a women named Elizabeth. She is a member who has cancer and is going through chemo-therapy. These two sisters are providing so much love and comfort for her. Hermana Maquieira on the left is from Ecuador and Hermana Abellan is from Barcelona. Two great sisters whom I enjoyed immensely, leaving them at 9:15 to get back to the hotel and for them to get back to their piso. A great night of work in the mission field.
The next morning found us in Orense. Here Elder Moya is mugging for the camera while Elders Webb and Kofe are talking with Elders Ashby and Moore about contacting. In all the sessions I would be the contact on the street. It was fun to role play with the Elders and Sisters and realize how good they are and how much they are striving to be the best missionaries they can be.
We finished in Bilbao that evening but here we have Elders Dredge and Cairns who are in Vigo giving us the thumbs up. Yes, it was a great round of interviews. All of our missionaries have different talents and ways about doing the work, but they all greeted us with huge smiles, miracles to share and a true willingness to do the Lord's work. We are so blessed here in Spain and love our missionaries dearly.


  1. What a whirlwind trip but obviously savoring every minute with the beautiful areas and great missionaries. Do you sometimes pinch yourself at what a fanatastic mission presidency experience you two are having? The blog is a such a great advertisement for adults to go on missions! Great job!

  2. Commenting on your friend's visit...
    I am so jealous :). Just love traveling through Europe. Seeing it again from a visitor's perspective, makes me want to go again. The summer before David's mission, my oldest daughter surprised me with a Spain trip for the two of us. We just did Madrid south. Can't beat the scenery, history, people and food! I loved Spain!