Sunday, October 25, 2009

End of Another Translada

It's the end of another 6 weeks. Boy the time flies by so quickly. We all know what that means, breakfast at the mission home for the office staff after all the work that goes into keeping things going and getting all the transfers done. Here Elders Anderson and Strickland serve up their breakfast. Breakfast Burritos this time.
We all sat down to start. We almost didn't have the Belnaps because whoops, they got lost again. But after a few phone calls we got them to the home. But wait, where is the Presidente? He actually left the day before to go to Santiago for a District Meeting and I couldn't go because I had a quilt presentation in the Bilbao Ward Saturday night. Kind of different to be without my companion. But we survived.
Here I am with the sisters of the Bilbao Ward. I brought with me to Spain a few of the quilts that I had made and also that my grandmother and aunt and granddaughter had made. We talked about gathering and being united. Even though we are all different, when we come together like the pieces of a quilt, we can make something beautiful. The sisters shared some wonderful feelings. It was a special night to bond together and just enjoy each other.
Some great sisters of La Sociedad de Socorro en Bilbao including their wonderful presidenta. Such happy faces all enjoying the quilts and apples
Each sister in Bilbao display true love for each other. Here Hna Cabrehas is sharing some emotional thoughts. She is holding her Visiting Teaching assignment. She has 7 sisters to visit. These women give so much to keep the church alive and strong in Spain.
We had to do another picture holding our apples. One of the quilts was called "The Apple Core" so I brought them all apples to eat. They have such a zest for life, they are great to be with. As I look at all their faces I love to see the light of the gospel radiating from within. I am growing so fond of all the members in Spain. The more I get to know them, the more dear they become to me.

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