Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Friends Come So Far

As Presidente and I are working on things in the office, who could be the one taking the photos? Well it is none other than our friends the Bertins who came to visit us from our home town of Bountiful. We have been close friends to the Bertins for years and so what a treat to have them as our first visitor to the mission.
We found a few hours after working in the office and went off to discover some of the sights of Northern Spain. Here Jennifer and I are walking the streets of Bermeo where a little market was going on. I think Jennifer saw something on the pier. Whatever, we were having a great time.
This is such a colorful harbor with the many boats. Such a picturesque basque town. All the signs here were in Basque. We felt like we had left Spain all together.
We also went up to the beautiful town of San Sebastian. This is a resort town and we loved our stroll. Here is the cathedral in the main part of town.
On the Saturday that they were here Rick had to go to Vitoria for some meetings and a baptism and I went with the Bertins to Santillana de Mer. It is a medieval town totally preserved. A fun place to walk and shop.
We took time for a great meal. Then after a fun ride through the mountains we came back to Bilbao for a baptism.
How fun to be in a little basque town with a dear friend. It didn't seem real to have them here, but the little diversion was nice for us. We are suppose to take a p-day a week but that doesn't always happen. The Bertins were only here for 3 days, and in between all of that we still had things to do in the mission, but we did enjoy their visit.
Finally, a picture with Kim in it. He is always taking the pictures. This was taken on the boardwalk of San Sebastian. Truly a lovely European vacation town.
A nice little Spanish meal at an outside cafe. We enjoyed the sweet summer night reminiscing and catching up about the news of friends at home. We love the Bertins and grateful for their visit. It gave us a little time to relax and refresh a little.

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